Why dream about carrots ?

Why dream about carrots ?

Objects oblong often interpreted as a phallic symbol associated with fertility.Taking this as a basis, you can see what a dream carrots: it promises a good marriage, a good harvest, wealth.If a man had a dream about carrots, an opportune time in the life for him.

Below are the interpretation of dreams with a carrot for both men and women exists.

What dream foretells a woman?

woman who saw the carrots in a dream, will be healthy and rich.If she is not yet married, soon awaits her wedding.Family life will be happy: the spouses not part until the end of his days, and they will have many children.

If a married woman in a dream cleans carrots, someone wants to take away from her husband.Dreaming rotten root - likely to divorce.Traitor dream foretells disclosure of deception, shame.

Sometimes a dream is interpreted as a sign of sexual dissatisfaction of women.

What dream foretells a man?

man who dreamed of carrots, full of energy.Dream foretells his big win, good luck in business or the beginning of a love relationship.

Much depends on what has happened in the dream:

  • person buying this root vegetable in a dream, waiting for the improvement of the financial situation.He will get unexpected help, the award or win a large sum of money.
  • People digging up carrots in a dream can also hope for an unexpected gift of fate.They may find a valuable thing to get an inheritance.For families preparing for the appearance of a child, dreamed of carrot - a sign of the imminent birth of the baby.
  • If people planted carrots, it is necessary to proceed with the project, which is a long time it takes, but it seemed impossible.In order not to miss out on your luck, you need to act quickly.
  • man, who saw in a dream carrots, Rust in the garden, standing on the threshold of success.The sign says that his efforts were not in vain: coming "harvest."
  • people, clean carrots in a dream, get rid of the obstacles that prevent them to reach the goal.If
  • dream rotten carrots, possible trouble.

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