What burns my right ear ?

What burns my right ear ?

There are many different takes in the world, someone believes in them, and for someone they do not mean anything.If you believe in omens, then surely you want to know, what is burning right ear, because this at least once in your life happens to everyone.In addition, we offer you and a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.Read, and then decide what to believe.

sign - why burn right ear

Interpretation of the signs can be found quite different.So, if both ears are burning, it means that someone is actively talking about you.It is believed that the sensitive person is able to perceive what is said about it on a subconscious level, and this is manifested in the fact that his ears start to burn.Another interpretation says that both ears are itching to drive or to rain.Remember, came true once such a sign?If so, maybe your ears are burning it to do so.

And what burns it right ear?Here you can find such interpretation signs:

  1. right ear off.The sign in this case indicates that about you, or speak well, or speak the truth.Especially in this omen believe old people.They also say that if a person guesses the one who speaks about it, the ear should stop burning.
  2. In contrast to previous statements, the left ear is lit when you scoff at, gossip about you.But there are people who believe the contrary - just lit right ear to ridicule, and the left - to the fact that you remember the kindness.
  3. According to another opinion, the right ear can burn when discussing your mistakes, or abuse you.Most often, these are people who have a direct relation to you: relatives (father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, etc.), friends, acquaintances.
  4. right ear can also indicate that someone really wants to call you on a serious matter, but can not.

medical explanation

But ears are burning a lot of people, and not all are so sensitive to infer that the ear burns certainly talk to the person.In such a case comes into force a scientific point of view.Scientists and researchers explain "burning" ears as follows: ears start to burn when the body experiences intense fear.There is a sudden rush of adrenalin, so much blood is able to flow to a particular part of the body such as the ears.The ears, of course, begin to redden and "burn."

Also, scientists believe that the ears can start to burn due to increased activity in the brain.But others dispute this view, because, for example, we strongly believe in the exam, the ears are burning, not all.

Some believe that his ears burn with shame, that each of us knows.Such, for example, is possible when a person suddenly remembers another person with whom he has a great relationship, but for various reasons it does not deal with it now.At this time there is an active blood supply to the brain, and the person begins to burn the ear, and the shame he feels easy, because for so long did not communicate with a good man.But if the long lit one ear and the other absolutely normal, then no harm will go to the doctor."Burning" of the ear may be the consequence of disease, anxiety or allergies.Also ear, like any other part of the body can burn, when the body is too hot, and it tends to cool.

In general, believe the science or national signs - it's your own business.In any case, to dwell on the signs is not necessary, but also the opinions of scholars differ, which means that not all of them and not always truthful.What it burns the ear can do anything not to testify, and to be the usual reaction to a stimulus, such as scratching, coughing, or sneezing.