Why dream about meat?

Why dream about meat?

All people see dreams - black and white, color, boring and exciting.But not everyone knows, that may indicate a particular dream.What is the meaning hidden in the exciting adventures of the night in the backstreets of my subconscious?Let's find out what dreams meat according to various dream book and fortune tellers.

dream interpretation Zhou Gouna

If a man dreams that he is eating raw meat, in a short time he was waiting for disaster, if the meat in a dream to cook and delicious, then, on the contrary, its expected happy event.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov

See raw meat in a dream means ambulances trouble, but if a man eats meat in a dream, that he faces illness.It is not good events associated with the disease or relatives with their own illness - this is what dreams raw meat.

English dream book

If a person cuts a dream for someone a piece of meat, then soon he will be doing the same thing and in reality - the truth in the other, in the form of charity.If you dream it cuts off a piece of this for yourself, it will be a success in the trade.

Dream Miller

If a woman sees in a dream raw meat, it means that her on her way to the desired waiting a lot of obstacles.Then why dream cooked meat in this case?Besides that some other people reach goals that want to achieve it.

Muslim sonnik

For a man to dream of the meat is a kind of forbidden property.If the meat is cooked, that is, boiled or fried, it means that the property belongs to a forbidden imperious serious man.

Slavic dream book

Eating meat in a dream is coming disease.The worse the quality of the meat in a dream, the harder illness or losses that priklyuchatsya with a man in reality.Raw meat is in trouble, rotten - big losses.However, the human flesh in a dream means prosperity in all things.

Small Dream Book

Raw meat, dreamed of a woman, it warns about the dangers and obstacles on the way.If a person dreams of a butcher who cuts the carcass and blood smear, it is - a harbinger of disease someone from relatives.