What twitching eye ?

What twitching eye ?

In the old days if a person twitching eyes, it was thought that it means any upcoming event.These signs have come down to our days, and many people believe in them today.But do not forget that this symptom can also indicate the presence of any disease.

In this article, we'll show you what the eye twitches.

Folk omens

Our grandmothers believed that the twitching eyes - a sign that points to certain events in the future.For example, they believed that if a teak covered his left eye, then you need to wait for trouble, various problems and conflicts that will make you cry.When the upper eyelid of the left eye twitches a representative of the male, that sign points to a serious loss or misfortune in the family.But a similar sign in a woman is quite the opposite meaning: when the upper eyelid twitches in the left eye in the fair sex, it will soon expect great success in business and very profitable purchases and acquisitions.

If the right eye twitches, it is assumed that this is also a very good sign.He promises success in career, success in business and a quick profit.When twitches upper eyelid on the right eye men, he should expect pleasant events and bargains.Conversely, if a tick has found a woman, she should be careful, because the sign points to unhappiness and problems in the near future.

If the bad omens, popular wisdom advises twitching saliva to lubricate the eye.It is believed that this will help to sign did not come true.It is also possible to resort to another way our grandmothers: Scratch eyes and crisscross them three times.Thus the sign of the fear will leave you and will pass on their own teak.Why

eye twitches from the point of view of medicine

often twitching eyes can be a symptom of a disease.Most often it is a sign of damage to the central nervous system, resulting in convulsions and short-term development of the nervous tic.Nerve shocks can also be a cause of eye twitching.It occurs mostly after severe emotional distress and stress, as a result of disturbances in the nervous system.

Regular eye fatigue and lack of vitamins (especially calcium and magnesium) may also trigger a symptom.In some cases, it causes ocular injury, allergic conditions, dry eye mucosa and the side effects caused by taking various drugs.Moreover, Parkinson's disease and Tourette syndrome - a disease that can lead to eye tick.

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