What bird flies ?

What bird flies ?

Many people attach special importance to national signs and believe in "the signs of destiny."One of these signs is the arrival of the birds in the house.In this article we will look at some related to avian, describe what the bird flies into the house and how to prevent dire consequences.

If a bird flew into the house

The most common interpretation of the signs - early death of a loved one, a bird as it warns of bad luck.

order to avert disaster from his home, the following steps need to make:

  1. Put twelve floating candles in a circle and light in a clockwise direction;
  2. Once all the candles are lit, say the following words 3 times, looking at the flames of fire, "Lord, take trouble and attack all 77 fatalities Amen.";
  3. Wait until all the candles go out.

If a bird flew through the pipe chimney, it also portends death.For the removal of the troubles using the above plot with candles.

Do not forget to help the bird to get out into the wild with the words: "With peace Fly - trouble take away."Wait as long as the bird does not fly away, and then pour a handful of cereal out of the window and said: "With the good news arrives eat bread ask - do not touch the soul."

If a bird flew into the window

Bird has long been a symbol of the soul of a deceased person.Therefore, according to accept, if a bird flew out the window, then some of the people who left you the message you want to convey.A good or bad news waiting for you - depending on the type of bird.

  • Swallow and Swift foreshadow the imminent entry into marriage;
  • Nightingale - a symbol of wealth and family well-being;
  • jackdaw and magpie mean gossip regarding career or personal life of a family member;
  • Crow and Sparrow symbolize trouble;
  • cuckoo heralds the fire;
  • Tit - to death;
  • Nightingale - to the good news;
  • Dove heralds the arrival of guests.

If the bird flew to the balcony

flown to the balcony bird is a quick addition to the family.But it is believed that the national sign come to pass if the bird flew alone, and not the smell of food, or for other reasons.

If the bird sat on the windowsill

sat down on the window sill bird, according to accept, means unexpected family expenses.

There is also a view that has landed on the windowsill crow carries bad news, foreshadows death thrush and dove means moving up the career ladder, increase in wages, and a good relationship in the family.

Other "bird signs"

  • Woven stork's nest on the roof of the house or the pipe means material well-being;
  • crows over private house promises a disease;
  • If you hear a woodpecker knocks its beak on the roof of the house, it will be a trouble;
  • Creek rooster in the morning does not mean the imminent arrival of the intruders;
  • If you hear the cry of an owl near the house, so the family will replenish;
  • If you see a dead bird, wait for misfortune;
  • If you got bird droppings, it means that you will find financial well-being.

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