How to see the ghost ?

How to see the ghost ?

strange thing, perhaps, ever since, as a kind of monkey said his first word, becoming the man people scare each other ghosts, but he can not be with each other to agree whether ghosts really are.There are people who saw something, but in every way trying to distance itself from it and do not believe even to themselves.Others did not see, but really want to learn how to see the ghost.

Ghost - this is something illusory, irrational, whether there is, or not.Ghost - this is what dreamed.They, apparently, do not know whether there are they really, and whether they are in fact, and if there is somewhere at all.

see the ghost of the best in the movie.For the sensitive nature more than enough.Although it is, of course, just a fantasy authors.However, a true artist nothing just does not show.

can see a ghost in the picture.On the Internet they can find a great variety, but who could tell which ones are real?But man, a lot of photographing, can always be found in his collection of pictures in which there is something not quite real, like something, no matter what do not like.Make several consecutive identical images and then examine them thoroughly.Find ten differences.Try to look between shots.

can drink a love potion to ghosts, but in moderation, in moderation.

In fact, we see ghosts all the time.That someone's silhouette flashed behind the half-open door, that's a shadow for a moment crossed our way, that's somewhere on the periphery of sight is a man.Peering, we will not see, and we persuade ourselves that we dreamed it.

However, as you can see the ghost for real?After all, there are witnesses who saw, like a ghost flies, it passes through walls, disappear and reappear.Perhaps they were in some kind of altered state of consciousness, and maybe they are on the special abilities.There are people who can see the aura, perhaps they can see and ghosts.

In ancient times, monks tortured himself to exhaustion, which would see the holy image, but whom they had seen in reality?Would you like to try?

And, maybe, you just need to go to some ancient half-ruined monastery or the old-old cemetery and imitate there a couple of nights?