How to create an app VKontakte ?

How to create an app VKontakte ?

VKontakte - one of the most successful and popular social network in the CIS.Not surprisingly, with the advent of its functions "Applications" her developers are interested in, it's a great chance to express themselves and make money.Before you learn how to create an app VKontakte, look at what are the applications.

Forms applications

service VKontakte allows the use of two types of application:

  • Flash-applications.This type has a specific extension.swf.For applications to create Flash-commonly used Adobe Flash program;
  • Iframe (ayfreym) applications.ifreym technology allows to ensure the transfer of data from one site to another.The data is received and transmitted by a JavaScript program.


Developers If you want to create your own application in the contact, you can not do without basic programming skills.Depending on the type of application you may need the ability to work with Adobe Flash, Action Script, 3D engines, understand PHR-, HTML and Java-programming.

Before you start, read the documents posted in advance VC for developers.This can be done by clicking on the link.This section outlines the main list of application requirements, composed of commands that can be used during programming.

Initial applications

games and other applications do not have to create "from scratch".For many network applications, you can find the source code, which can be used to upload to the site of VC, for example, download yet.But not all developers have put them on public display.In this case, will have to work a little:

  1. Set the desired application on the computer and run it.
  2. Right-mouse click on the page.We find in the menu item "Source Code."Before us appears the page code.
  3. write in the search bar «http: \ / \ /».Search results will be highlighted in the list.It searches the link terminated ».
  4. Copy it and paste it into the address bar, removing the slashes (oblique lines).Push the button «Enter», starting the process of file downloading.
  5. replace it after downloading the file extension to.swf »and open it with any flash player.
  6. Now you need to get by decompiling the application code.Now you can work with him.

Service 3apps

If you do not have programming skills, you can create a Flash-based application still possible.Moreover, you do not need a lot of time.Use the website http: // /.

Create an application consists of several stages:

  1. register in the system.
  2. Go to page / editapp?act = create and select the type of application.
  3. Select iframe and type "Application".
  4. Select a category and start the application loads.
  5. 3apps Enter data on the site and generate the application.

work with intermediaries

You can also use the services of programmers to create applications.Before meeting with a specialist, you need to consider the following points:

  • a brief description of the future program, with the mission transfer, basic functions, and so on;
  • registration application.The programmer is not a designer, so he must provide the drawing of all the elements of the program: buttons, labels, drawings.

all moments must be stated in the paper that you will give to the programmer.Thus, you can create your own app VKontakte.

If you want to create a game in VKontakte, read the article How to create a game VKontakte.