Why dream of a person 's head ?

Why dream of a person

you can dream absolutely any HEAD: your own, the animal's head, a severed head, a head with unnatural proportions and so on.- In the dream subconscious can give wildest fantasies.

If you believe in the interpretation of dreams, you can read about what dreaming head man.

human head in a dream: how to interpret

  • Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn reported that the head during sleep - it is a symbol of thought, moving forward, the analysis.Also, the head may indicate that you are somewhat overtaken and surpassed the others.
  • Maya Dreams reports that a severed head - a good sign, indicating that your enemies are powerless.But there is a caveat: if in a dream a headache (it does not matter, it's your head or someone else's), in reality it will hurt and you.
  • Nobles sonnik Grishin offers many specific interpretations of dreams with his head.For example, consider a few.So, if you ever dreamed of two heads on the shoulders instead of one, which means that in life you have all the best.However, if the head is too small for the body, it is evidence of poverty and all the bad.Broken, wounding his head - a symbol of cantankerous old man or an old woman, in reality, the problems from them;depressing thoughts caused by difficulties in life.If you chop somebody's head in a dream, the reality defeat the enemies.If you catch a glimpse of freely floating in the air head, then wait for inspiration, great happiness, unexpected ideas.
  • New family dream book says that the head of another man in a dream symbolizes a meeting with influential people in reality, but the site - to disease.
  • Chinese dream book promises much happiness and longevity to the one who sees in a dream gray head.If the head is bald, expect a failure in business.Chopped into two parts head - thankfully, and only if you've seen in the human dream, walking with its head cut off, expect great happiness.

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