How do I know whether the damage is?

How do I know whether the damage is?

Our ancestors believed that almost always unhappiness with a man and his family are due to the fact that someone has sent down to them damage or the evil eye.Nowadays these superstitions attach less and less importance.The belief goes, and various folk methods remain.I think that even today some will wonder whether there are at them any curse.So, how do you know whether the damage is?

Methods for determining damage

There are several methods that have been used more in the old days.Almost all of them are under a special symbolism and can be applied at home without spending much:

necessary to carefully inspect the apartment in search of strangers, unfamiliar things or objects.Quite often, the subject began to speak a little, and then throw up in a house that, on whom they want to impose damage.The family then there are quarrels spoil the health of some of its members.If you find any unfamiliar object you - you can safely throw it.

In determining the damage of old and used plants.In particular, in a room for the night left St. John's Wort, and in fact, from whom he will wither, recognized the damage.If the flower fades almost any one of the rooms - there is no damage in the family.Also, St. John's wort is often sewn into clothing as a protective talisman.

How do I know whether the damage is induced, and it helps protect against common pin.To do this, pin it to the wrong side of garment.If after you get home, the pin will be undone and lost, even worse - you have damage.

believed that a black cat is very sensitive to damage and conspiracy.If you do not have a pet, you can take it with friends.It is important that the cat has lived a few days in your home in order to get used to it.Periodically, the cat should be taken at the hands of all family members.In addition, one cat will be restless, or escape from the hands of meow - perhaps imposed damage.

spoilage determined and chicken egg.To do this, on the face of the sick man was carried out three times, preferably while he sleeps.If the egg in the morning spoiled - hvoroba put the spell.

In determining the damage and conspiracy and used church candles.Late in the evening to light a candle or three and start reading the prayer.If the candles began to smoke, crack or fade, it is likely that damage has on you.

And another way - is to throw a glass of water three pieces of coal.If they go to the bottom, then the person can be damage, and if it will float on the surface, no damage.

Symptoms hover damage

So, we were told how to find out if there is damage.However, sometimes a person, who put a spell, the following symptoms may occur:

  • even with normal nutrition person loses weight or fullness every day;
  • person can not stand your own eyes in the mirror;
  • damage and those who can not wear silver, as well as the crucifix;
  • girl can not marry, even if there is a boyfriend;
  • man hard to be in the church.

If you are sure that you have imposed damage, it would be nice to know who did it.This you can read in one of our articles - "How do I know who put the spell?".

Superstitions are superstitious, but sometimes a person happens is that it can not be explained either by logic or common sense.Our ancestors paid much attention to human power, and probably for good reason.