How to connect the ground ?

How to connect the ground ?

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How to connect the ground?

integral part of modern life - the electrical wiring to ground.Of course, you can connect to the network and without ground, because for so long without it somehow got along.But when it became modern appliances, this condition has become a must in order to protect the person from the negative effects of electricity.Many modern appliances are already available to the terminal for grounding.In new buildings all wiring is done with its accounting.However, in older homes and private homes is usually absent.To learn how to properly connect the ground if it is not in the room, will tell in this article.

As there were before?

the former Soviet standards it was almost always closed to "zero" the wire.If the wiring must be grounded in an old apartment building, where there is simply no third wire in the wiring, proceed as in the old days: attach the "ground" to "zero."

What not to do?

So it - to connect to the grounding of heating radiators or cast iron or metal bath.And in an apartment, in a private house to do it is very dangerous, because the appliances can "punch" to the metal pipe.Especially if included several mechanisms will be: can make a good shock when touching the heating system.Basking in the bathroom, you can also get a refreshing charge.So it is better never try to do that.And imagine that your neighbor has changed from below the metal pipes with plastic, and you are left with no ground, not knowing about it!

What is the ground?

This intentional mains connection to the device, its grounding.It is designed to drain leakage current that occurs on the hulls of appliances in an emergency mode, and provides the conditions for shutdown voltage by automatically triggering protection devices.If the equipment is secured in such a way that when touched by human appliances current, remaining on the body, will not be dangerous for the body.If the equipment is not grounded, the current will flow through the human body (though not entirely, but you certainly feel it).

In a private house

Simply build a ground in a private home with a special earthing - a metal rod or a subject that has direct contact with the soil.To this is attached a wire, grounding electric network.After that included home appliances will not fight the current.It is important that the grounding periodically checks the special device and conform to standard norms.For more information about where to take the grounding to connect the lighting device, read the article Where to get grounded, to connect the lamp.