How to align the floor under the laminate ?

How to align the floor under the laminate ?

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How to align the floor under the laminate?

you decide to lay laminate flooring in your room, but are faced with the problem of preparation of the floor under the laminate.Follow our instructions and quickly understand as to align the floor under the laminate.

for laying laminate required smooth surface, so take the building level and walk them across the room area.If you find a gap in 2 or more centimeters, floor should be aligned.

There are several ways of leveling the surface under the laminate, the most popular of them:

  • cement;
  • fast setting self-leveling.

Before you start working, remove the old paint from the floor and clean the surface from dust.

self-leveling mixture

Those masters, whose floor is uneven in only a few places or there are minor irregularities across the floor surface, can take advantage of quick-self-leveling compounds.This is the easiest way to align the surfaces.To align the floor of such a mixture is necessary only to prepare the mixture according to the instructions and pour it on the surface, leveling squeegee.

only thing that can stop you - it is its price, since self-leveling is quite expensive.But if you spend on self-leveling mix, you will save on floor leveling time.

Cement screed

should be prepared following the necessary material for floor leveling this way:

  • Laser Level;
  • guides plasterboard;
  • cement-sand mortar;
  • primer;
  • Screws;
  • Building level.


  1. We clean and gruntuem surface.
  2. close up holes and cracks with a solution.
  3. expose beacons, using a laser level.
  4. spread the drywall along the rails of the floor, leaving 50-80 cm between them.They should match the level of a target line on the walls around the perimeter of the room.After you lay out rails, secure them to the floor with screws.
  5. Gradually, the solution was applied to the entire surface, aligning with the help of a spirit level.It should be remembered that the thickness of the cement layer at the thinnest point shall not be less than 7 mm.
  6. After the floor is dry (you can walk on it), we can start laying the floor, but do not forget the primed surface of the substrate before laying.

Preparation wooden floor

If you need to lay laminate wood flooring, to level the surface, you can use several options:

  • partially replace the board;
  • Align floor with plywood sheets;
  • Align floor self-leveling compounds.

Replacing boards

If the wood floor smooth enough, but some boards have failed: rotten, broken, replace the unusable boards with new ones.Then polish the surface of the substrate and place.

Align cover self-leveling mixture

In this case, we need:

  • Self-leveling;
  • waterproofing and film;
  • Grid;
  • Stapler;
  • Squeegee.

Stages of

  1. Before you pour the floor self-leveling compounds, the surface should be prepared.Loose boards strengthening screws, all the heads of nails hide in the board below the floor level.Then grind the surface and clean it from dust with a vacuum cleaner, with the gap closed up self-leveling mixture.
  2. applied to the floor moisture proof film.
  3. spread a thin mesh on the floor and fasten it to the base of the staple gun.Fabrics are joined with an overlap of 5 cm.
  4. Cooking self-leveling mixture according to the instructions, leave for 15 minutes, then again mix well and apply the mixture to the prepared floor.
  5. It is best to mix spill on the floor, and then distribute via squeegee.

use plywood sheets

Leveling the floor with the help of veneer sheets is the most ideal way to prepare the wooden floor before laying laminate.

during operation should be:

  • Veneer sheets,
  • Building level;
  • Screws,
  • screwdriver.

process of laying

  1. Replace unsuitable wooden boards with new ones.
  2. Cut the plywood sheets into squares 600 to 600 mm.If in the course of cutting the ends of stratified, we replace the parts with new ones.
  3. expose beacons on the perimeter of our room.
  4. cleans the surface roughness of the dust and debris.
  5. start to spread plywood sheets, after making holes for screws that will attach to the base plates.Do not forget to cut through ridges, arches, and bay windows.
  6. Fasten sheets of plywood to the base with screws.
  7. before laying the substrate under the laminate surface can be sanded sander.

Select the appropriate option, and you will be able to align the wooden floor under the laminate.

If you have already prepared your coverage, start laying the laminate, using the instructions that are described here.