How to align the wall ?

How to align the wall ?

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How to align the wall?

purchasing a new home or seeking to upgrade their old, few people know that decorating consist of various associated operations.For example, paint the walls or Wallpapering require prior alignment of the walls, as the wrong approach to the updating of the home can give is not the result of which you dreamed of.

If you do decide to take a chance and make repairs on their own, do not be lazy to learn beforehand how to properly align the wall.First of all, you need to prepare the walls for the upcoming work.To do this, using a hammer, chisel and trowel need to clear them from the wallpaper, old paint or plaster to crumble.Try all the manipulations done carefully, because you have a chance under the old putty in a completely unexpected place to find wiring and accidentally damage it.To prevent accidents the best time to turn off all the electricity in the apartment.

further determine the level of roughness of the working surface:

  • from 1 to 5 mm.Wall irregularities are leveled using putty;
  • from 6 to 30 mm.the walls are aligned with the help of putty and plaster mixtures;
  • more than 30 mm.- The walls are aligned with the help of reinforcing mesh and putty and plaster mixtures.

How to align the wall in the apartment

In order to properly align the wall in an apartment, you need to install the walls special beacons - elements placed on a work surface and used for measurement.Beacons are installed with the help of the level and horizontally stretched thread.After the installation of beacons on the surface of the wall or plaster is applied rotbant.With this mixture at a distance of 30 centimeters attached additional beacons to align the level to obtain the maximum level of the working surface.

Lighthouses for leveling walls are:

  • cement-sand;
  • metal.

Use beacons and plaster corner pieces advised many companies producing high quality plasters, such as: polished, Henkel, ABC, Artisan, Regypsum, Atlas, Vetonit, Stabil, Budmaste etc.

advantages of using metal rails:.

  • allowquickly get a perfect plaster walls;
  • prevent deformation and cracking plaster, arising from changes in temperature and humidity;
  • help strengthen the walls, because it does not require dismantling after plastering;
  • allow you to accurately calculate the necessary amount of the solution.

alignment walls with lighthouses

How to align the wall under the wallpaper using beacons on their own?To do this, you will have to carry out work in the following order:

  1. Clear primed and work surface.
  2. surface is divided into sections of equal width and a half meters.
  3. Vertical pull the colored thread.
  4. Fit rail height.
  5. guides to fix the edge of the wall with a solution.
  6. The beacons above and below, hammer nails, which are diagonally pull cords.
  7. Remove cords and nails, after that hardens solution.
  8. Dilute mortar.
  9. Ready solution applied between the guides.
  10. After drying putty walls sanded.

Rules how to align the wall with a small level of unevenness with his hands:

  1. Prime with the wall.
  2. Spread putty solution.
  3. Take for wide and narrow spatula.
  4. type solution and apply to a wide With narrow spatula.
  5. wide spatula, apply the putty evenly on the wall.
  6. Give day a solution to it dried up.
  7. Strip the surface of sandpaper.

How to align the wall corner

In order to align the corner of the wall, used plaster Norma, which not only helps to align the edges, but also protects them from a variety of mechanical damage.Mounting Norma made almost exactly the same way and installation guide:

  • cleaned surface;
  • an angle applied solution;
  • planted on the solution Norma.

When properly installed, Norma its angular protrusion visible on the edge of the angle of the wall.With strong damage angle or bevel irregularities can be fixed with screws or nails.

How to align the wall plasterboard

As it turned out, align the plasterboard wall is much easier than using the beacons: on wall mounted aluminum profile, which acts as a beacon.Profile is aligned to the level that has arisen and the void is filled with sound-proof insulation material, after which the profiles are attached sheets of drywall.Stitches honey gypsum boards are glued special mesh and shpaklyuyut.

advantages of using drywall to align the working surface:

  • installation work is carried out very quickly, so there is no need to wait until the solution has dried;
  • easy to hide a variety of communication, such as power, wiring for plumbing;
  • with proper mounting surface is obtained perfectly flat;
  • can pave thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • can make designs of any complexity;
  • drywall environmentally friendly;
  • when installing drywall is almost completely absent polluting factors.

How to align the wall in the bath room

If major repairs are replaced in the bathroom, not only communication, but also tiles.To put new tile, and that it is flat, it is necessary to make the alignment of the walls.How to align the wall in the bathroom?Now, as plastering - a fairly complex process, and Marco, the walls in the bathroom are aligned with the help of water-resistant plasterboard sheets.

To make it clearer, you can clearly see how to align the wall, on the video.