How to insulate the floor in the house ?

How to insulate the floor in the house ?

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How to insulate the floor in the house?

House - a place where people feel safe, can relax and unwind.Of course, the easiest way to do this in a cozy and warm environment.But what to do if your home is difficult to keep warm?The answer is obvious - to warm.In this article we'll show you how to warm the floor of the house.

How to insulate the floor of a private house

Make the cold floor in the house warmer will help these technologies

  • Insulated coupler;
  • floor heating systems (water, electric, infrared);
  • Warm wood flooring.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.Having considered them, you will be able to determine which will suit you.

Insulated coupler

Ties are often used as the cheapest and easiest way to create a sub-floor.Expendable materials: cement and sand are always available, and for filling the work do not require time-consuming.But, despite the cheapness and lack of complexity in the work, in this floor there is one drawback - it is too cold.

Applying this method - ties should use it insulated version.For this purpose, before using granulated slag or expanded clay, and today is used foam, fiberglass or mineral wool.Details described in the article How to insulate the floor of the house.

If you look at this in the context of the floor, it will be like a layer cake, where the lower tier - is warmer, the top - well reinforced screed.

manufacturing technology to tie it was really warm and served for a long time, during its execution must take into account five main points.

  1. quality waterproofing.If you miss the sight of it, the moisture penetrates the soil, can cause considerable damage to the floor in the form of mold and mildew.As a waterproofing suitable polyethylene film or a special hydroprotective barrier for the manufacture of which use bitumen mastic.
  2. Compensation seam.It prevents cracking tie lying on the foam, in the case of temperature changes.Make a seam just enough.It should be at a height of 15 cm from the floor base (around the perimeter of the room) to glue the porous soft material made of foamed vinyl.
  3. laying insulation.Used as insulation foam should be laid close to each other.If when laying the sheets will crack, they should be sealed with foam.Otherwise, they will fill the solution, formed the so-called bridges, in which the cold will penetrate under the floor and make it less warm.
  4. reinforcement.The presence of the reinforcing frame will protect screed from cracking and breaking.You can set a special mesh or rebar frame as such.This action will extend the life of ties warmed.
  5. screed.Make high-quality tie will help compliance with three simple rules.Rule one - to increase the strength and the solution does not apply the formula 1: 4 and 1: 3.Second - make a screed thickness of at least 5 cm third -. Add the plasticizer solution (increasing the number of cement cracking strengthen ties, the plasticizer will help avoid this).

Insulated screed - a way of fairly simple (the strength to perform and not the professionals), but with low efficiency.Paul, of course, will be warmer, but not enough to walk on it barefoot.If opportunity allows, you can resort to more efficient technologies.

floor heating systems

Unlike options with screed floor heating system is best left to professionals.Specialists perform all quality and on time, to ensure you get warranty work done.

There are three options for floor heating systems: electric, infrared and water.If you have a home water heating latter method is preferable.

Water heating system

coolant in the system is hot water.It is distributed through pipes hidden under the screed, with a special collector (Manifold).How to perform the installation of such a system?Pipe-laying takes place immediately after the foam packing and before pouring the screed.On foam plank thermally foil screen, is placed on top of a reinforcing mesh tube and then, putting them through the loops of 15 cm each. This solution is poured reinforced, to which is added fibrovolokno.

Electric heating system

electric field can be a cable or a cable with reinforcing mesh.Before starting work, make a plan the placement of the heating elements.They can not be laid in places where there will be large-sized furniture.It will prevent the outflow of heat and heating elements may overheat and fail, may also suffer, and the furniture.This is perhaps the only drawback of this method, as will subsequently be impossible to rearrange the furniture to other places.

electric underfloor heating system is laid on the waterproofing and insulation layer, use a screed on top.

Infrared heating system

Infrared (film) heating system used for laying under linoleum or laminate.Mount it in the screed or under the tile is strictly prohibited.On top of the already existing ties need to put a layer of polyethylene foam with a foil surface, it will play the role of insulation.Next placed electric heating elements, a layer of waterproofing is added again, and then stacked and the flooring itself.

have floor heating systems, one major drawback - they can not be used in conjunction with wooden flooring.In this case, warm the floors of a wooden house can be in the following manner.

Warm wood flooring

tree itself warm material, and if you want a warm floor, it is important to get it right.Otherwise, instead of the positive effect can be obtained negative - insulation, laid under the wooden floor, prevent its normal ventilation, and wood in these conditions will collapse much faster.To avoid this, at warming wood flooring much attention is paid to the waterproofing process.

works themselves are to installation of insulation between joists.In the case of wood flooring foam is better not to use, and replace it with mineral wool.Foam - a vapor, and with it the right to provide ventilation of the underground will not work.Mineral wool is much more practical, but it also should not be laid too tightly and fill the space up to the top - should be left between the wood flooring and the insulation of at least 5 cm of space.

Another simple method of warming the floor

If you want to insulate the floor quickly and with minimal cost, you can use the following method.

  1. Flooring removed.
  2. backsheet lay roofing material.It prevents the absorption of the next layer of moisture from the ground.
  3. roofing material is poured on the sand and level it over the entire surface.
  4. film placed on the sand (preferably in several layers).
  5. staple gun or nails film layers are attached to the base.
  6. The next layer consists of Penoplex.This material has excellent thermal insulation characteristics.In addition, it is non-flammable, chemically inert, environmentally friendly, able to absorb the sounds fit into all the grooves and crevices.
  7. last part of the floor will be chipboard.Chipboard can be placed in one or two layers.

at this stage is considered complete insulation and can be returned to the place of the floor covering.

For more information on this topic can be found in the article of our resource - The warm floor.