How to lay tile on the wall ?

How to lay tile on the wall ?

Everyone who started the repairs, and is going to replace the old tile, the question arises: "How to put the tiles on the wall?ยป


surface First we need to prepare the surface to which the tiles will be laid.First, we need to make sure that the wall was clear and had a flat and smooth surface.Using a special rail will show us if we have straight walls.It must be attached to the wall vertically.If we see a deviation from the surface of the rails by more than 4 mm, then this wall should be aligned.In order to align the wall, we need to use plaster or special leveling mortar.The plaster is applied to the surface of a wall with masking strips.The thickness of the coating solution to the surface of the alignment, about 1.5 - 2 cm, if necessary to apply another layer, it is necessary to wait until the previous dry.Then the surface is primed with cement mortar.The main condition is a thorough alignment, otherwise the result may turn out not rosy.The soil we leave to dry for 4-5 days, sometimes wetting it with water.Then you can start tiling.

tiles Choosing tiles Choosing

depends on personal preference and its features, both technical and aesthetic.Tiles must have certain properties to resist chemical, mechanical and other factors to which it is subject.

Also, when choosing a tile should pay attention to the following:

  • resistance to bending;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • resistance to acids;
  • frost resistance (resistance to low temperatures);
  • abrasion resistance.

should only buy a tile first class, because the second-class tiles usually comes with marriage.

Preparing the necessary tools

main tool used for laying tiles:

  • Tile;
  • drill;
  • level;
  • set spatulas;
  • rubber spatula;
  • crowns.

tiling technology

first preparing an adhesive composition.Doing it this way: put a small amount of the mixture into the water and stir with a mixer.As a result, we should get a mixture (not too thick and not very liquid).Further, when the composition is prepared, starting to lay tiles.

Put a tile from the bottom up, first lay the first row, then the second, etc.To get straight rows, put rail on the floor and align it on the level.For the following series were laid horizontally nailed uprights parallel to the first.Further, angular rack is necessary to drive a nail, pull the nylon thread and follow it to each successive number was obtained horizontal.

When laying tiles with a spatula on the lower surface of the tile glue is applied, and are putting it to the ground.Pressing down the tiles on the wall, it is necessary to observe that the adhesive composition has been distributed over the entire surface.Also be made and the other tiles, and then inserted between the crosses.

If we see that all the tiles are not placed in a row, in this case, you must use the Tile and remove excess in the corners.

Further, when we laid the tiles and the adhesive composition has dried up, you got to see whether the tile adhesive composition, in the case of falling - it is necessary to clean the tiles.We also need a rubber spatula, fill them we seams fugue which color you select.Subsequently, the joints may crack, it is not recommended to use cheap puffer.

After all the above actions, the work on laying the tile can be considered completed.Also, with the help of specific products, you can give your tile extra shine and protection.It turns out, to put the tiles on the wall is not so difficult!