How to choose a shower ?

How to choose a shower ?

so nice to wash after a hard day with the sweat and fatigue, to prepare for a good rest at night.Until recently, it took to cook a whole tub, but now the situation has changed: the shower is increasingly strengthening its position.

Its advantages are obvious: the total construction area is 2 times less than in the bath, in addition, it allows you to quickly and easily change the temperature of the water, but how to choose a shower and not get lost among the huge range of such products?

Modern devices can ensure that the steam bath and aromatherapy, are equipped with built-in radio and well retain the sound of water.One of their features is the built-in hydro-massage system, which is an essential feature for any producer.Varies only the performance: it can be a fairly simple design from multiple nozzles or complex product include the ability to work with a neck or sitting position.

The optimum is a system that not only performs all the necessary tasks, but also has a maximum turning angles whirlpool jets.

How to choose a shower

necessary to determine exactly what you need - a complete system or a small area, tiled.The second option is often preferred by owners of bathrooms rather modest size.

Shower Room to get simple enough: it is the angle of the bathroom, which has been properly waterproofed, and then to set pan and drain the water.At the final stage mounted door.


On the question of how to choose the right shower can not be answered, not telling about her wall.Without the pallet and can be dispensed with, and the walls may have a different design and are made of glass or acrylic:

  • Shock resistant glass - quite durable and reliable material, it is environmentally friendly and does not change its properties even after decades.
  • plastic - it is cheaper than glass and is transparent or matte-coated design.His minus - a tendency to become cloudy and change natural color, and get dirty faster.But the characteristics of the material strength is not inferior silicate brother.

Depending on the conditions of operation and layout of the room, sliding doors or swing type can be used.In the first case the wall will comprise several movable segments which will move away from hooks or rollers.These are great space-saving and easy to operate.Before you choose a shower enclosure with hinged doors doors, it is necessary to properly assess the amount of free space, because sometimes these structures will be, to say the least, uncomfortable.


floor for the cab - it's a different story.It must satisfy a number of conditions: be strong, warm and not slip.It pallet configuration and determined the final shape of the cockpit: rectangle, square, sector, or anything creative, such as a spiral.However, in the latter case, to speak of a space-saving pointless.

trays are made of acrylic, ceramic, steel or enameled cast iron, and Kwara.


selecting suitable pallet stacks and you must take care of the water supply system.First of all, the mixer wall refers to it.It is best to use the German brands:

  • Hansgrohe
  • Dorn Bracht
  • Grohe

products of these companies has not only a high service life, but also equipped with the system allows to save water, through the use of the jet aerator is mixed with air.

can be ordered instead of the standard and individual hydromassage panel.Many companies offer special constructors that are rapidly transformed from a set of nozzles, hoses, and electronics into a functioning system.