How to connect the electric meter ?

How to connect the electric meter ?

installation of electricity is not easy.After all, you need to know how to connect the electric meter.Connect Electric in the case of replacement or installation on another site must be done only after consultation of the matter with a representative of the local branch of the power company.Once you have received permission to install electricity meters, you can safely proceed to the independent connection.

How to install electric meter

When installing the meter in a place to host it is necessary to choose a place that will be available for inspection and meter readings from it.Electric Meters must be installed in a dry place, where the constant air temperature is below 0 ° C.

allowed the opportunity to strengthen the accounting unit on a metal, wood or plastic shields.Typically, they are mounted on panels or boards, as well as the walls of recesses which have a rigid structure.Counter 1,4-1,8m being at the floor so as to allow its disconnection in emergency situations, in the event of repair or replacement."Energonadzor" All metering devices prior to installation and commissioning are subject to strict inspection and oplombirovke authorities.To connect electric meters often use copper wire cross-section is not less than 2.5 mm2, or you can use aluminum wire cross-section at least 4 mm2.

Connecting the electricity

Wiring electricity meter:

Work on connecting the meter begins to install it on the housing panel and secure it there fixing, using a screw fastening.The deviation from the vertical position of the device must not exceed 1 °.After that you need from its phase contact to throw the jumper on the input pin machine.switch by means of which will zapityvatsya your electric.

If you do not have plate - then connect this jumper to the nearest distribution panel installed on the machine.Prior to the input contact of the electricity is usually fed phase conductor with insulated red or white.

Thus it is necessary to take into account that the installation of electrical wiring devices regulations are only permitted in horizontal and vertical direction.One end of the conductor in a red or brown insulation is mounted on the counter contact, and the other is attached to the terminal near the circuit breaker.Appropriate contacts are all neighbors protective automation devices connected U-shaped webs of wires of the same color, and then carefully tightened.

for wiring "earthy" (zero) conductor wire is typically used in blue isolation.Further it is necessary (according to the instructions Electric) to find it off the "zero" contact pave him a piece of wire with blue insulation to the overall "zero" tires, and then tighten up the two ends.

If the electrical housing is made of steel, it is mandatory to earth with a special grounding wire, which is connected to the earthing system and joins the free edge of the contact plate Zero tires.

Now you know very well how to connect the electric meter.Important in this is not an easy task to do everything accurately and without haste.More detailed instructions on connecting the meter can also be found on the Internet.We hope you will be able to look into the matter.But if suddenly you do not understand everything, it is better to use the services of specialists.