Removing the door handle ?

Removing the door handle ?

Replacing door handle is not always required - sometimes just enough to perform minor repairs.From this we will begin, and then to talk about how to remove the door handle and replace it with a new one.

Repair door handles

If you do not want to love me the door handle, it is possible to produce it in-house repair.It is a simple procedure that can be done with just two tools: a screwdriver and a wrench.First, unscrew the screws with a screwdriver, that the two sides hold the lever.Now you need a wrench to unscrew and remove the lever itself from the handle turning mechanism, coiled spring.Removing the swivel mechanism and closely examined the design, you can easily determine the cause of failure.Usually the problem lies in the fact that just shattered keyhole, and it is quite easy to remove.Also, failure reason may be in failure torsion springs or washers.To do this, unscrew the locking ring, then sever torsion spring and washer shnopochnuyu.In the case of hockey, you will notice immediately the deformation.If the cause of failure in the spring, it is also easy to find.Good spring should be tight and not hanging out.Also pay attention to whether the spring is not flew from his seat.If one or the other part broke, you need to replace it with a new one.When replacing springs you must be careful not to be injured.Use your finger or a screwdriver, carefully press down a new spring in the upper part.After the bet, set top shnopochnuyu washer and then the snap ring.Now replace the swivel mechanism and to set the spring and tighten the lever or handle with an adjustable wrench.If the handle repairs no results, it is to make its replacement.

Replacing door handle

First of all, we note that the best solution is to install the door handles on the same model as the previous one, or at least similar.In this case, it will be possible to use the old serviceable parts for repair and do not have a lot of drill and produce a variety of measurements, if necessary.Before you change the door handle, prepare the necessary tools: adjustable wrench and a screwdriver (on the safe side and take the cross-head screwdriver and a screwdriver with a straight tip).Now, remove the decorative elements and remove the screws that hold the lever.Further, in contrast to the repair, we just take out the old design and in its place a new insert.Be sure to remove serviceable elements (spring washer) of the old pen to which in case of use for repair.And indeed such details are never superfluous to lean owner.Install a new pen, firmly tighten the bolts or screws with a wrench or a screwdriver.And now we will talk about more complex situation when you want to embed in a pen a new door.

How to embed a new door handle in

The question is how to remove the handle from the door, rarely causes someone complexity, but to embed a new handle or knob in a new door much more difficult.However, with our recommendations it will not be an insurmountable obstacle for you.To begin with we take in hand square and a pencil and mark up on the door leaf hole under the handle at a height of about 1 meter from the floor.Now you need to measure the distance from the edge (it depends on the model of the handle), and in the end it is necessary to mark the hole for the latch.Now use the drill and drill pen drill hole for the lock and the handle itself.Next, insert the end of the latch cylinder bore, running his pencil on his perimeter.Then take a chisel and cut down the area to trim.You can now insert the latch itself and tighten its screws.After that, insert the rod by the handle and set both handles.All that remains - to establish a dog mating plate and drill out a place under the very castle dog.The main thing here - the exact calculation.This will help us markings on the box the middle of the hole.In most dogs, you can lubricate the tip of - such as toothpaste.Then, after you click on the handle and then release the dog will leave a mark on the door, on which it will be possible accurately drill a place under it.Finally, overlay and fasten, if necessary, minor adjustments to produce doors fit using urging plate on the door frame.