How to make a topiary ?

How to make a topiary ?

Want to add originality and freshness in your home or garden?Then try to make a topiary.This is an unusual decorative tree that looks like a fancy ball on a high leg.It is called the tree of happiness.This ornament will look even better than a live topiary sculpture - figure-sheared plant.Of course, you can buy a tree in a luxurious version of coral, amethyst, citrine or crystal, but, as is well known to all of us, can not buy happiness.Try to make this beauty with his own hands, and you will love this great element of decor is 100 times greater.The more so because we will tell you how to make your own topiary.


  • Topiary created from a variety of decorative and natural materials.It can be artificial and natural flowers, coffee beans, beautiful shells, gems, stones, candy, paper, cocktail umbrellas.This element of the interior mimics the real plant or looks like a fairy-tale tree unusual color.
  • Topiary size may resemble miniature bonsai or dimensional solid indoor tree.
  • excellent gift Topiary is made from fresh fruit.Its only drawback - fragility.Most popular purchased trees from aromatic plants not only decorate the interior, but also filling the room with pleasant aromas.

How to make your own hands Topiary

Make Topiary at home is easy, even if you are doing this for the first time.In addition, the materials that you need, are inexpensive, and can be found in many shops of any city.

You will need:

  • pot.The main thing is that the diameter of your pot was not greater than the diameter of the crown-ball.You can buy a ready-made pot or make his own hands from a suitable container in the form, then paint it and, for example, covered with a beautiful cloth.Choose a pot that fits the product color, style and size - not so easy, so if your first purchase will be a pot, you will need to adjust the composition for him.
  • ball crown.To make the tree crown, you'll need a paper or plastic bowl.How to make a ball Topiary?Crumpled newspaper or paper obmazhte this ball of paste or wrap the thread.With the balls of rubber to work harder, because they lose their shape after piercing.If you plan to stick instead to stick decorative items, you'll like the foam ball for floral compositions.
  • stick to the barrel.To stem fit any branch or stick of appropriate dimensions.It may even be a stick of blinds, you will paint or wrap the ribbons.Choose a longer stick, because it will need to be attached almost to the ground in a pot, and on top of it is a ball.Short trunk spoil appearance of the composition.
  • Clay.Fits all-purpose adhesive.Some items may need to be super-glue adhesive.
  • Alabaster, Cement, Gypsum.At the bottom of the pot need to seal the hole.Prepare a mixture, stir and pour it into the pot.Immediately insert the barrel there, without waiting for the solution hardens.It is necessary to cement held the crown, and do not outweigh the pot.Above solution can be glued shells, sand, salt or colored beans.
  • Accessories.Artificial flowers, cones, dried flowers, pistachio, corrugated paper, shells, bows, stones, anything.

Topiary How to Make Organza

  • Form a ball of newspaper or paper.
  • wrap it with string or thread to get the ball.
  • carefully smear ball with white glue to secure the cords.Pierce gently stick the ball to get the Crown, and leave the tangle for a while until it dries.
  • Using plaster, cement or plaster attach a stick to the pot.


  • Take organza different colors and cut of her petals of different caliber.
  • Slightly anneal petals over a candle.
  • on sewing kit Gather the rose bud.Configure the bud so that the petals are large bottom and the smallest on top, to start with this big.
  • Glue dried up roses in the ball-crown.Start from the top, stick to it one flower better with the help of super-glue.Second glue the flower at the base, near the poles.Then there will be two flower between them.Do the same on the opposite side, and you have a flower ring around the ball.This ring is perpendicular to do that there.Free places cover the remaining colors.Between roses can be stuck bows of ribbons.Now that you know how to make a topiary tree organza.

Coffee tree


  • Roasted coffee beans (100 g),
  • glass-pot,
  • Brush for whitewash Mochalny,
  • ball made of plastic (diameter of 8-9 cm, sold in the market),
  • Scissors,
  • 2 gum,
  • Brown thread,
  • transparent adhesive universal,
  • Super glue transparent,
  • cement, gypsum or sand,
  • stick (20 cm long),
  • 50 cm rope-twine.


  • Make a hole in the balloon with scissors, so that it can be inserted into the barrel.
  • From pobelochnoy brush pull the strand of urine or completely disassemble the brush, remove the ropes.
  • Rubber money Bast fix the thread from one end of the branch.Apply glue and a sprig in a spiral obkleyte thread.Fix the rubber band and the other end of the branch.Insert a stick into a ball-crown.
  • obkleyte ball brown thread universal glue.You can paste the ball out of the brush strands.
  • Now we paste bowl with coffee beans.Take the super-glue.Apply the grain in a different order - up and down borozdochkoy.Apply the adhesive on each grain.Proceed carefully, because the glue dries quickly and can be left in the dark beans unsightly white stains.You can use liquid nails or glue gun.
  • sure to make the second layer of the grain, alternating the direction of the grain with a smooth groove.
  • To make the original pot, cut off from the brush a small amount of Bast.Its length should be slightly larger than the diameter of the bottom of the cup.
  • Grease the bottom and put glue on the urine, cut the threads that get out of the bottom edge.
  • Cut Bast with a brush so that it is longer than 3 cm, than the cup height.Apply all-purpose adhesive on the side of the cup, not reaching to the top 2-3 cm.Gradually, a glass paste bast.Bottom cup tie twine and cut the protruding edges.Top trim the tips so that they are above the cup about 2 cm.
  • Universal glue obkleyte long strands of bast funnel in a circle, twist it a tree trunk.
  • Pour sand into glass, plaster or foam core.Move the upper edge of his bast scissors and paste in a glass funnel with the stem.
  • Tie the top of the pot-glass string.You can sketch a grain that will remind fallen leaves near the stem.

We told you how to make topiary own hands.Now you can enjoy these original features and please them both himself and his guests.