How to Build a pergola ?

How to Build a pergola ?

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How to Build a pergola?

Today, people have less time to rest.For the departure of the nature it is difficult to find a free day.If you is not easy to get out of the house to spend time with family and friends, organize a sitting area right on its territory.This is a gazebo.In this article, we'll show you how to build it with his own hands in the yard of their own home or at the cottage.

What should prepare

should stock up on everything you need before you start construction.We will build a simple wooden gazebo.


foundation for

  • Sand;
  • Cement;
  • metal mesh;
  • blocks.

For framework

  • wooden bar 150x150 mm (for the walls);
  • Wooden timber 150h50 mm (for trusses, floor);
  • Decking (floor);
  • Metal corners (for bonding).


  • Plywood;
  • Shingles or other suitable material to you.


  1. Planer (to align the beam surfaces).
  2. Jig saw (for cutting grooves and cuts).
  3. screwdriver (screws and screw the screws have plenty).
  4. Drill (for drilling pilot holes).
  5. shovel, bucket, building stairs, and other support tools.

construction algorithm

preparatory stage is to determine

  1. design type (separate or adjoined to the house).
  2. structural shapes (round, square, rectangular, pentagonal, and so on. N.).
  3. amount of material (depending on the construction area).

You can even pre-prepare the drawings, which will help build a gazebo with great accuracy.

begins with the foundation

If we want to use the gazebo for a long time and throughout the year, it is necessary to build on the foundation and how to insulate.

  1. First mark up space under the gazebo future.In our case it is a square building measuring 4x4 meters.
  2. the corners and along the perimeter dig indentations on the bottom of which put a piece of metal mesh.
  3. placed on top of concrete and sand mixture, and then blocks.Over
  4. units compulsorily laid waterproofing, otherwise moisture from the stones will move on to the wooden base.

Making frame

  1. Bottom rail.It is going from 150x150 timber.To build a durable gazebo, we recommend to treat the entire timber ognebiozaschitnym composition, and its lower part of the special impregnation.Practice shows that this method is completely pays for itself.
  2. now laying the foundation for the future floor.It is made of timber 150h50.
  3. Then turn uprights.They will serve as the main pillars of our gazebo and keep the roof itself.timber size - 150x150.For bonding using metal brackets and screws.
  4. After installing the racks they must be connected from the top.The course is carved beams 150x150 "legs."Fixing or rather strapping is performed as well as the bottom (using parts and screws).
  5. Portions of construction should be strengthened by horizontal crosspieces for greater strength and stability.

Getting roof

  1. roof we will bunk, so you will need to make a kind of pinnacle.Two supports are installed in the center of the gazebo and connect them with each other cross-bar.On top of strengthening the square timber ( "Thor"), he will serve as a basis for the second tier of the roof.
  2. Now comes the turn of the rafters.bars Size 150h50 for them to have a certain shape and cuts carbon fixing.They are attached with screws to the "torus".
  3. next step is installation of water-resistant plywood.As a result, we get a hipped roof, which adorns the top of a small tower.
  4. roof can be covered with shingles, this stuff looks very impressive.But you can choose any other, at your discretion.

Puts floor

  1. In advance roofed lags laid decking.It is preferable to other species, because the best fit for our Russian climate.
  2. is important to keep the distance between the boards 5 mm.This allows moisture to drain and collect on the floor.

For more information on this topic can be found in the article - How to make an arbor.

insulated gazebo

  1. You can use any of the following insulation: mineral wool, extruded polystyrene, foam.
  2. on a wooden frame, stitched strips in increments of not less than 1 m, put a layer of waterproofing.This may be asphalt or dense polyethylene.
  3. Next attach a layer of material selected as a heater.
  4. Perform laying vapor barrier (in the case where a heater acts or polystyrene foam, can skip this step).
  5. completing insulation inside of the gazebo, the walls and ceiling sheathe plasterboard, and then produce a decorative finish or simply paint.

We make arbor

External registration

between the support pillars of our gazebos are free spans that must be filled.It can be elegant lattice, which will curl beautiful plants (old version), or - solid inserts, creating similarity walls.lattice can glaze the top if desired, and the bottom to make a fully enclosed gazebo.Beautifully will look stained glass and inserts of white panels.

Interior design

The gazebo must necessarily be

  1. Lighting.It can be centralized - from power network or portable - lights, lamps on batteries, kerosene lamp (if you have a rarity).
  2. furniture.Suitable wood, plastic or wicker.
  3. Oven BBQ.The presence of such a barbecue will make a truly enjoyable pastime.
  4. Textiles.Have blankets and pillows will make your gazebo in a really cozy place to relax.
  5. Accessories.Decorate the gazebo help and things like lanterns, bells, beautiful plates, embroidered napkins, vintage household items (pot, the samovar, and so on. N.).

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