How to get rid of computer addiction ?

How to get rid of computer addiction ?

Computer addiction - is already considered a pathology.Every day a growing number of people who have become more and more time to spend at the computer.Especially if you have internet access.Many are asking themselves the question of how to get rid of computer addiction.Let's look at the causes, means and methods of struggle with the addiction.

How can replace the computer

computer, in essence, is nothing supernatural is, and therefore, its something you can replace.It should be easy to look back and find other hobbies.So, a few tips:

  • Listen to music on the music center or in the player, in this case there will be a negative impact on your monitor.
  • Watch movies on a DVD-player, especially if you have a good television.
  • Virtual communication, it is possible to replace the real.If your friends and acquaintances live nearby, just go to visit them.You will spend great time together, better than to sit in any chat.
  • Try to inspire yourself with something interesting, not connected to the computer.Thus, you will reduce your computer dependence.

Computer addiction in children

Often parents are not always aware of what games played by children and what are the benefits or harm your computer.Consider a few reasons for this dependence:

  • Your child does not have enough communication with your friends.
  • you as parents pay little attention to it.
  • child is not confident, shy, it is difficult to communicate with people.
  • desire to keep up with their peers and to be "like everyone elseĀ»
  • The child has few other hobbies or interests.
  • Games computer addiction may be linked to education and family relations.

in children and adolescents is much faster formed depending on the computer than smoking, alcohol or gambling for money.Parents should try to do everything in order to avoid dependence, because modern hobbies can fundamentally affect, in the future, on the child's fate.


computer depending on where you are not the last role played by psychotherapy.The aim to eliminate the psychological conflict, leading to the formation depending on the computer.Doctors conducting psychotherapy sessions at home or in special cabinets.It is imperative desire and consent of the patient to cooperate with the doctor and holding sessions, a positive result can be achieved in this case.

sessions on the therapist will help realize the attachment to the computer games, the Internet and at the same time avoid the guilt of the patient.In getting rid of dependence is sometimes used hypnosis.

computer addiction problem can occur in anyone who is at least as it is connected to the computer.You do not need to ignore it, hoping that everything goes.In fact, it is difficult to get rid of, so its treatment is often used in medicines.The main objective - is to eliminate drugs various violations that accompany addiction.If there are any symptoms of depression, the antidepressant appointed.

Also important is the prevention of computer addiction.Apply herbal medicines, they normalize sleep, improves the nervous system and have a positive effect on the normal functioning of the brain.


have dependent people may lack the vitamins and minerals.So those who spend a lot of time on the computer, it is necessary to take vitamin A, E and selenium.Do not forget that the prolonged presence near the monitor, resulting in impaired vision, carpal tunnel syndrome and syndrome of "dry eye" and a violation of posture.Be sure to do exercises for the eyes and get a quality monitor.

Now you know how computer affects on humans.In order to timely detect disease, you can take the test on a computer addiction.The main thing is to prevent the aggravation of this phenomenon.Since it is quite fast and highly addictive.As a result, there can be serious problems with bad consequences.We wish you good health and have no harmful addictions.