How to survive the death of a loved one ?

How to survive the death of a loved one ?

question that we will discuss today, it is very difficult for anyone who is experiencing the death of a loved one, grieving for him and for those who wish to help the bereaved.We'll talk about how to cope with the death of a loved one.

we all are not eternal, sooner or later, everyone there are times parting with loved ones: a nice grandfather, with the one and only mother with a beloved man.Each has its own history and their grief, but combines all the sense of loss, grief, and despair.How to be, how to live?We must recognize the fact that there is already close beside him and that he would not return.Each allotted a certain amount of time on this planet.If a person has died - then the hour of parting with him, it is necessary to accept as inevitable.Experiencing grief inevitably, but over time you learn to not despair kept the cherished memory of a man all his life, just remember good experiences and feelings associated with it.In the process of grieving man learns to live again, he matures spiritually.Time and bright thoughts of the deceased - is the best doctor in this situation.

Surviving the loss of a loved

process experiences the death of a loved one has several stages, passing through which we learn to live with the thought of a good man, but not to test at the same time suffering.How to survive the death of a loved one at each stage?

Stage 1 - Shock

lasts for 9 days after the close of death.The person experiencing the loss of the native, or may fall into a complete stupor (silent, to go with the "empty" view, there is little to eat and drink, to look at one point, etc.) or on the contrary, to be very active: help with funeral arrangements andmemorial, comforting the others.Both the first and the second reaction is normal.The man in the second case has not yet been realized loss, but it will come later.In any case, everyone needs to cry, tears give discharge emotions and make it easier to survive the grief.So try to cry enough or bring people to tears, it is now necessary.

Stage 2 - Denial

Lasts up to 40 days after the close of death.Man consciously perceives the loss, but the subconscious mind and body still deny it.Therefore, a person may feel that he hears the voice of the dead, he sees (in a dream as well), etc.If the dream of the dead, that's fine.Tears in this period are also useful, but one should not cry day and night.At this time the family needs help: talk about the deceased, talking, if you want it.

Stage 3 - Acceptance

loss lasts up to six months from the date of the death of a loved.Man is fully aware of the death, but the pain and experiences attracted waves.A man can cry for a while, and then be quiet and live as usual.At this stage, very pronounced sense of guilt towards the dead and even aggression on him ( "why did you leave me?"), The aggression on others (search guilty in the death of a close).These are normal reactions, and they need to survive.These sentiments are useful only for a short period.

Stage 4 - Pain relief

lasts up to one year from the date of death.Surviving learns to live in a new way.He starts a new acquaintance begins to communicate with others, lead a normal life and normal.If the experience of death goes well, the dead remember only the good of those days when he was still alive.Man learns to control emotions.

Stage 5 - Repetition

During the second year after a person's death re-living all the stages of grief, but in a milder form.In the first anniversary of a person can once again burst into tears, but be able to take their feelings under control.

So, gradually experiencing the death of a loved one becomes older, wiser and learns to live in a new way.So the best answer to the question of how to survive the death of a loved one - it's courage to go through all the stages and in the end save the cherished memory of the closer on his whole life, learn how to remember him only the good and the experience with the slight feeling of sadness, not despair.

Spiritual perception

How to survive the death of a loved one, if you are a believer?Believers in this situation a little easier.They live by the principle: "God has given, God has taken."This means that a Christian must learn to take everything in his life, as a temporary gift, he must learn to understand that he is nothing in this world does not belong, including loved ones.If a loved one has died, then it was his turn, and God called him to her.It should be perceived as inevitable, after all once and you will suffer the same fate, just until your time has not come yet, and it is high time to heaven.

also believers learn as soon as possible to get rid of heavy mourning and despair, because their experiences burdened soul of a deceased loved one, without letting it settle down, torturing it yourself and a loved one.When a person finds peace of mind, let go of the soul of the deceased, he himself becomes easier to live and deceased soul rejoices and lives quietly in heaven, not sad and grieving.

How to help themselves believers?In the churches they say to myself or aloud priest confessional speech, which are recognized in their grieving feelings, ask for forgiveness for all that have offended the deceased and pray to God that he has given to the mental strength to bereavement.It is also light candles in memory of the dead, pray that his soul is in heaven live well and happily.

How to survive the death of a loved one, and to learn to live again - it is very hard and seems impossible, especially if you are just at the beginning of the experience.But over time, it will be easier, you will learn to accept the death of a close and another will be able to live again, but differently.