Why am I such a fool ?

Why am I such a fool ?

No matter who you are, - the girl or guy.Here you get explanations and tips for you.

His head is spinning you now only one thought: "Well, why am I such a fool!".It does not give you peace.You want to cry, beating his head against the wall, or just go to sleep for a few days, so you wake up and forget everything.And most importantly, to all the others, too, nothing remembered!Lord, well, how do you want to start with a clean slate, to turn the clock back ...

say "do not worry, you're not stupid," all can.As they enrage, because I know that right now I'm such a fool!... So, you now need to another.Looking for explanations, advice, help finally!

Why am I a fool?

Of course, you can take the test on the internet, "why am I such a fool?", But a lot of options of reasons.For example, you have decided that this guy can lose their virginity: and he likes you and gives flowers and rings forever ... And it, you see, after your "second time" was visited by the thought that he was still not developed, youngmol.Here is a fool-I, think!And yet it was clear to everyone but me ... Oh, Well this is me!

or calls you he was the fourth time to invite somewhere, and you break.For the fifth time - a diamond!And the girls say to you, let him run about, a strong fall in love.And he had, it appears, has gone on holiday ... alone, not in time for the fifth time to call and you call him.Again, the whole flat: "Well, I am a fool!".

"Do not worry", the man says to you, explaining it by the fact that all women are fools.Go to her friend, she'll tell you something that we are not fools, and lovely, gentle and trusting.

What if I'm a fool?

I want to congratulate you.You got a great experience in a similar situation will not plunge further.Now take a piece of paper and divide it in half by a vertical line.In the left column write down what happened cons, and the right - the pros.Try to think about what happened in detail.Write down even the most stupid moments.This will help you relax, look at the problem with a reasonable hand without emotion.You can not suppress my emotions these and explain them to cool themselves and accept!And the next time in a similar situation, do not you find yourself a fool.

Why all women are fools?

Everyone has long known that the boys and girls build logical chains in your mind in different ways.And the length of the chains varies.The girl will look at all the huge number of causes and podprichin, reflect on the double sense of what has been said, to come up with clever hints.The man easier and more straightforward.Where necessary the easiest way out, a woman will cheat yourself clever variation of complex ways.Therefore, men often feel that their wife is such a fool.It is difficult to understand each other, because we think in different ways.

What can I say!Himself the fair sex is difficult to understand yourself, but then easy to believe that women are such fools!

now specifically ... If your girl is a fool

You're not stupid, cute, young guy, so even with a sense of humor.It is understandable why it has become to meet with you.But why are you so cool chose her - a fool?Maybe you got a little excited.Nastya, Julia Kate ... fools, because they have done something wrong?It may be advisable to start to discuss everything.It is often people do not even realize that some things are not like his beloved.One cautionary tale is told about a married couple who have lived together for 50 years.And in this anniversary day, he wakes up his wife in the morning, goes as usual to the kitchen to prepare breakfast beloved husband.Cuts of fresh delicious bun crust crispy for my husband, and it is visited by the thought: "all the 50 years I have given the most delicious crusts to her husband, and what have I done, now it will eat me!".When my husband went to the kitchen, he could not believe his eyes and was surprised: "Darling, are you today gave me the soft part of bread rolls Tell me why you took revenge all these years, his callous ?! Gorbushka."

If it seems that your girlfriend fool, talk to her about what you do not like, before you throw it.