How to be calm ?

How to be calm ?

Many people know that the person who speaks in a low voice, radiating poise and serenity.Usually quiet people are friendly, patient, discreet, responsive and cause other people's positive emotions.Let's look at in this article, how to become a calm and restrained.

calm people almost do not react to the trouble and do not pay attention to the troubles.They are easier to tolerate all the hardships and stress, as well as quickly resolve any problems that arise in their path of life.

How to become calm and balanced

Let's look at a few ways of how to calm the nervous system.

  • Walk.Many people just walk helps to lose all accumulated tension and relax.
  • You can listen to your favorite music.It will help you to forget about their problems and stressful thoughts.
  • Try to throw from the head of obsessive thoughts
  • Do not think about the past, switch to the present and the future.
  • considering how to become calmer, not to mention the even and slow breathing.This breathing helps to relieve tension and anger that had accumulated in the shower.Breathe diaphragm.Your stomach at the same time should it rise, then sink.Inhale the air through the nose should be, well, exhale mouth.Put your hand on your stomach and see how the hand is lifted, it is lowered in response to movement of the abdomen.Then hold your breath and slowly exhale.
  • You can use the old, as the world method to count to twenty.This technique will certainly help to avoid thoughtless utterance of words.
  • Try to cheer up themselves.This useful technique may be used at any time.Thus, you can avoid losing control of himself and a nervous breakdown.
  • Do not scold yourself and do not reproach.This will only aggravate the condition.
  • Try to relax.If you can, then get some sleep.Tired people are much more likely to experience stress and irritation.
  • Talk about your feelings with a loved one or friend.Perhaps, in this way you will be able to jointly find a way out.
  • Do not drink coffee or tea.Please be aware that caffeine - a powerful stimulant that leads to stress.
  • very well on the issue of how to become more relaxed, helps massage.Normalizes muscle tone.After all, when the muscles are tense, then you will experience stress.
  • Try to take cases to a certain time.set aside everything and relax after this time.
  • No need to rush.By itself, the rush is already a stressor.
  • Do not shoulder the load is too large.If you constantly overload themselves with work, you can earn a very serious health problems.It may be not only stress but also a depression.
  • Do not be ashamed to ask for help.In a difficult time advice or a helping hand will help to avoid any problems.
  • In the struggle with the stress of humor always helps.Do something fun and cheerful.Humor is very useful.
  • Try to plan your days.Concerns and issues that can wait in the decision until tomorrow, let wait.
  • very well to achieve harmony with oneself diary.Leave on paper their feelings, emotions and thoughts, even if you leave the problem.
  • Try to smile more and laugh.Laughter is a good relaxation, which helps to keep a good mood and stay in a positive frame of mind.You can see the humorous show or comedy.
  • Learn to not focus their attention on small and minor problems.
  • Many people helping to organize his thoughts and calm down cleaning.Restore order in the house, you have to restore order, and in his head.
  • other negative mood.It only hurts you.
  • strive to reach the ideal state of mind.Nothing in the world is not perfect.Disappointment also leads to stress.
  • Do not try to keep everything under control.It's exhausting.You need to learn to relax.
  • Try to eradicate the habit of talking loudly.A loud voice itself has the ability to emit negative energy and can even provoke your opponent's aggression.
  • Imagine the problem that you ugnetaet- this node.When you are annoyed and angry, knot is tightened, and when you are calm, then he untied.

Muscle relaxation

  1. Try using thought to strain and relax the muscles.
  2. See which of the muscles are tense you during stressful situations.
  3. Relax tense muscles while negative emotions.

Breathing relaxation

  1. Breathe deeply.Try to sit up straight, leaning on the back of a chair.Hands should be placed on the knees.
  2. breath from the bottom and up.Inflating the abdomen, then the diaphragm.And as you exhale let the air out of the stomach, and then out of the chest.
  3. breath up and down.The air must flow into the chest, shoulders raised, then inflates the entire upper part of the abdomen.Must exhale air first with the chest, then with belly.
  4. High Breathing.Like a breath and exhale through the nose should be implemented.The breath should be involved only one chest.To correctly perform the exercise bend forward.This is in order to avoid breathing the stomach.

Now you know how to become a calm person.First of all, you need to have the desire to change and to achieve harmony with their inner world.You'll see, only then you will find peace and happiness.