Do enema Harmful ?

Do enema Harmful ?

Any interference with the human body, which breaks the rhythm of life, always encounters opposition.And if such an invasion occurs through the anus, the body resists with a vengeance.Harmful if enema, help us to understand the situation, when the measure is vital.

Variety enemas

Have you ever thought that your destination can be cleansing enema and medicinal, nutritional and healing.There are even psychotropic, and erotic ritual.There are also "educational" enemas, which are designed to teach the child to use the toilet.Based on such a variety, just difficult to determine whether harmful or helpful to do an enema.

enema On properties also affects its volume, composition and temperature.The minimum amount of enema may begin with 10 ml and the maximum income (total result) sometimes up to 25 liters.

Useful enema

variety of types and characteristics of enemas suggests a wide range of applications.It is able to eliminate constipation and heal the body by poisoning.It cleanses the body to research, the operations and the upcoming birth.With the help of an enema administered solutions, preventing intestinal dysbiosis, stimulate peristalsis of the colon.colonic lavage procedure improves its functionality reduces and minimizes inflammation.It has a positive effect on internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, biliary tract.The harm is not an enema, if it is assigned a doctor and its use is controlled by the medical staff.After an enema is still a medical procedure.

enema to cleanse

modern way of losing weight and cleanse the body of some people elected enema.Harm or benefit from its use will be determined only by the frequency of treatments.Reusable replays and different compositions can enema, guaranteed lead to the destruction of intestinal flora, disruption of the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients.This is due to the fact that some nutritional products is absorbed into the body in the intestine, and the constant and frequent washes klizmirovanie entire contents without giving substances mastering process reach its logical conclusion.Such treatments have no scientific basis and are in the field of alternative medicine.Also, frequent use may cause klizmoterapii and reliance on enemas, intestinal failure of independent work.Self-medication and amateurish attitude toward enema can trigger anemia (anemia), and goiter, a violation of the organic balance in the skin and nails.

be understood that decide whether an enema for a particular case is useful should a person with medical training.It is competent and purpose of the procedure, adjusted the volume and composition, will have a positive impact on the human body and his health.