Are headphones harmful?

Are headphones harmful?

Today, the noise around us is getting higher.We are exposed to sounds from the noise of cars, trucks, household electrical equipment.But sometimes, we do listen to music loudly, not sparing their ears.And most often we use this headset.On whether the headphones, we'll talk harmful.

Expert opinion on headphones

American researchers claim that hearing loss in young people is not due to the fact that they listen to music on headphones.And because it includes a very large volume.That is, to answer the question, whether the headphones themselves are harmful, they are not taken, because the problem lies in how we use them.

harm headphone

no secret that hearing children more vulnerable than adults.And we must remember that, even with the use of rattles, which are sometimes not emit a very pleasant sound.Normal rattle makes noise of 110 decibels, higher than the average level of normal conversation volume 2 times.And if this volume is constantly listening to music on headphones, very quickly may develop hearing loss.Experts saw headphone harm not only listening, but also on the human nervous system and the brain.

Impact on mental abilities

This is no joke!It's very serious.You know what else harmful headphones?They can cause dizziness, ringing in the ears, fatigue, overstimulation.Well, if a person is deprived of his courage, of any mental abilities may be involved.Schoolchildren, students who regularly listens to music through headphones, the uptake tight, difficult for them to concentrate and they are more likely to fill up the session.

What headphones harmful?Remember

professional radio operators, dispatchers, sound that headphones spend almost half of my life.What headphones they use?This large, so-called "mugs".Yes, and the volume is adjusted to them, to hear others.But what is more harmful than the headphones?

There vacuum headphones are carefully inserted deep into the ear.They sound much better, because it does not clog the background noise.But doctors warn, if these headphones to listen to music for 1.5 hours a day, with 80% of volume, be sure to have problems with hearing.

draw conclusions themselves, keep listening!