Where's ears pierced ?


Previously ears pierced almost at the hospital, and now parents are waiting until the baby gets older and she wants it.Then the parents start to think about where to pierce the ears of a child.Even primitive people pierce their different body parts, to protect themselves from evil spirits, to give it a certain status in society, but not for the sake of decoration.With the development of civilization, people have not abandoned this tradition, but is now mostly just for decoration themselves with different accessories.

Where pierced ears tips

correct and best of all, of course, give your precious child in the hands of professionals.Best of all, if you go to the already proven you or your friends place.This should be a professional salon or health facility with beauty treatments.There's a procedure accurately conduct safe and painless and exclude penetration of infection and contamination.Pierce ears can only beautician education.Ask to show the appropriate document, and without his presence in any case do not trust their child to such a person.

Do not rely on such an operation DIY enthusiasts, who trained on yourself or your loved ones.The consequences can be the most unpredictable.

piercing procedure

So, the place where it is possible to pierce the ears of qualitatively selected.Now about the procedure and what manipulations will be carried out with the child.Ear piercing is very fast, of course, if the child is at the same time calm and does not resist.Beautician envisages to place the ears of the future location of the holes.Then, using a special gun makes a puncture in the ear immediately gets an earring, which will remain there for the entire healing period.At the moment, it is this procedure which can pierce the ears of a gun in a few minutes, it is the most painless and safe.The only thing that feels a child - a slight burning sensation that lasts no more than 5 minutes.

Care after a puncture

to the wound, formed at the puncture site, should be treated very carefully.In the morning and in the evening they should handle equipment with antiseptic effect.Suitable alcoholic solution or tincture of calendula.In the first 5 days of lugs better avoid contact with water.In the first month of earrings in any case should not be removed, because in this period there is a formation and healing channels.To avoid getting bacteria into the wound, better collect hair in a ponytail or braid.The best time for this procedure is the winter, since the risk of infection at this time is minimal.