How to recover hearing?

How to recover hearing?

recovery of auditory function is possible after treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media mucosa complicated cholesteatoma otitis media, otitis media after the loss of a certain amount of auditory ossicles.Although in some cases the question of whether it is possible to restore hearing, the doctor responds with regret that there is.This happens when severe sensorineural voicelessness violations in the Eustachian tube, with considerable destruction of the auditory ossicles, when preserved only part of the tympanic membrane.However, in normal mucous membrane of the middle ear and a small perforation of tubal patency probability of hearing the return is quite high.How to restore the hearing the victim of otitis media?

How to recover after ear otitis

Reconstruction of ossicles and tympanic membrane is performed with various materials.Typically the perforations are closed fragment of temporal fascia, which is superimposed on the plane of the medial eardrum.Of the many cases of lesions of the auditory ossicles is the most widespread necrosis of the anvil.In this situation between the hammer and the handle stirrup is placed a spacer.Known method in which the extracted anvil remodeled and set back as a strut.In cases of more pronounced bone destruction chain issue its recovery more difficult.Sometimes only saved the base of the stapes and the hammer, then between the bones of introduced or an artificial bone columella.The situation is further complicated by the absence of a hammer.There is a need for a full prosthesis auditory ossicles, from the base of the stapes to the eardrum.

How to restore hearing traditional methods

  • made from gauze turunda impregnated with an emulsion of garlic and rubbed two drops of camphor oil, slightly wring out and injected into the ear.Duration of treatment for a child - 12 hours for an adult - 36 hours.Course - 12 procedures a day.
  • pinch of ground in a coffee grinder bay leaf mixed with 0/5 cup vodka and 1 tbsp.spoon 9% solution of vinegar.Insist 14 days, after which the filtered solution was instilled into the ear 1 drop three times a day for the first week and 3 drops until recovery of hearing.
  • few drops of almond oil in a day at a time was poured into each ear.
  • recipe for those who have hearing has deteriorated due to a sore throat.Take the root of sweet flag (fresh), wash, crush and squeeze the juice.The resulting liquid was filtered through gauze and mixed with 20% ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1: 1.The drug take 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals.This same composition is instilled into the ears of 2 drops before bedtime.The course of treatment - 3 months.

As you can see, folk remedies hearing the return is not so radical as surgery, but in some cases are very effective.