How to cure otitis media ?

How to cure otitis media ?

Otitis - a generic name of several different inflammatory diseases of the ear.In accordance with the place of localization of the inflammatory process, doctors distinguish between internal, intermediate and external otitis.Depending on which of these types of concerns this ear inflammatory disease, the physician and assigns the necessary treatment.

How and what can be cured otitis

Otitis externa - is the inflammation of the skin in the area of ​​the external auditory canal.Frequently inflammation affects not only the surface layer of the epidermis, and fat tissue located underneath.Otitis externa usually manifests itself as a boil in the ear canal.

  • In this case, otitis externa does not require specific treatment, boil in the ear is treated as an ordinary boil - first hot compress and ichthyol salve, then, when the head is formed boil - Vishnevsky ointment or salve "Levomekol".
  • To disinfect ear canal skin is treated with a solution of "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin".
  • If the patient at this time the temperature rises, it is given a "Paracetamol" or "Nurofen".

most common form of otitis media - acute otitis media (catarrhal or purulent), which manifests hearing impairment, high temperature and strong, sometimes unbearable, "shooting" pain in the ear.

  • In this case, for the treatment of otitis necessarily used antibiotics such as "amoxicillin" "Cefuroxime" "Augmentin".
  • To reduce the pain in the ear, and lowering the temperature of the patient give any preparations from the category of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:.. "Efferalgan" "Panadol", "Nurofen", "naproxen" etc.
  • pronounced analgesic effect is eardrops"Otipaks" and "Otirelaks", which can be instilled into the affected ear only if there was no perforation of the eardrum.On the application of the other ear drops for the treatment of otitis media described in our article The drip ear.
  • For the relief of pain in the ear insert turunda gauze soaked in a mixture of glycerol and three percent of boric alcohol.
  • As a local treatment on a sore ear impose hot compress.

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