How to dig your ears ?

How to dig your ears ?

Ear pain occurs suddenly and always shoots right half of the head!In addition, it is very unpleasant, it is also very dangerous, because the ear is in the vicinity of the brain, and any inflammation can achieve it as well.So when the pain in the ear quickly go to the doctor, and then carefully follow all his instructions.Typically, the doctor prescribes procedures antiinflammatory, ointments, drops into the ear.It would be easy - take and drip into the ear drops.Do you know how to properly dig the ears to cure not resulted in the ear, and carefully handle the entire surface of the ear canals?

Preparations medicines

Before exploring how to dig the ears, it is necessary to properly prepare the medicine.If the bottle with pipette, then cut off the cap, if not, buy a pipette and scalded her with boiling water before first use.Then it is necessary to heat a bottle of medicine to human body temperature.Or put the bottle for a few minutes in a cup of warm water or hold it in your hands.

instillation process

The patient should be put on a flat surface so that the head does not throw back, and lying flat, and the patient was comfortable.First, inspect the ear, if there is a lot of sulfur, then clean with a cotton swab.Just do not penetrate inside it!Clean top to free the passage.And now proceed to explain how to dig a drop in the ears.It is necessary to pull the outer ear slightly to the medication got to the right place.Adult man pulls up and back, and a child up to two years is necessary to slightly pull down and back.Such manipulations straighten the channel.Then enter the pipette is not more than half a centimeter, and drip as many drops as prescribed by the doctor.Then press the tragus three minutes.Then you can get up to 20 minutes plugged ear canal with cotton wool.Attention to those who will prepare the cotton ball!Do not make it too small.Having imbibed the medicine, it can penetrate deeper, then we need to go to the doctor to get him out.A large piece of cotton wool just will not be able to gain a foothold in the ear, it pops up.