How to clean your ears ?

How to clean your ears ?

Many people believe that they know how to clean the ears of sulfur alone.But it's not such a safe procedure, as it seems.Firstly, it can hurt the eardrum, which will lead to headaches and possible hearing loss.Secondly, when people clean their ears alone, he just pushes sulfur deeper into the ear and press it, thereby resulting in the formation of cerumen.If a person cleans ears too often, it can hurt sulfur gland, leading to disruption of their function.If you have any symptoms of the presence of cerumen (noise or pain in the ears, the voice response), then it is better to turn to an ENT - doctor and not self-medicate.

clean ears child

Children ears are formed as well as adults, but they are all the more desirable to remove sulfur conventional cotton buds.Before you clean the ears of the child is best to buy cotton swabs to stop and clean the ears after bathing, cleaning only the ear from moisture and sulfur and in no case do not clean the ear canal.In general, the sulfur serves as a protection against ingress of bacteria into the inner ear, but if you notice that it is too much, you should seek medical advice.

clean ears animal

more difficult question how to clean cat ears, the main thing that it does not have scratched.Cats clean ears to remove ear mites.Signs of the presence of mites is furious scratching of the ears and shaking his head.Another feature is the presence of dark brown plaque in the ear.Before cleaning the ear of the cat should be reserved cotton swab drug "Bars" and boric acid.Boric acid is best to pour on a piece of paper and fold in half of these papers will be much more convenient to fill acid in a cat's ear.The next stage in the preparations for the cleaning of ears cat is its swaddling to protect themselves from the claws.Take the blanket thicker, cat paws pressed against the body and you wrap it, so that sticking one's head.To be sure you can tie a rope blanket.Then you can proceed to the very clean, but it is better to do it with an assistant, who will keep the cat in the desired position.At first, the ear is turned out and stick smeared "Bars" and you clean plaque from the ears, but only one is outside, do not climb into the ear itself.The cat sickness neglect, in order to hurt her.But this procedure should still do, so do not stop, if the cat is too protests.When his ears became clear, it should make another procedure - fill boric acid.She sprinkled on the places that impressed, as powder.Such cleaning should be carried out 2 times a week until the disappearance of the mites.

To clean the dog's ears so hard put not happen.Dogs need to clean the ears as people regularly, but care should be taken not to carry infection.To clean, use a special solution, you can not clean the ears undiluted peroxide, in order to avoid burns.The swab should be moisten in the solution, and then squeeze out well, wipe the ear should be from the top down, the dog itself will get rid of unnecessary fluid that helps avoid infection.Care should be taken that the tampon does not pass through the ear canal, such cleaning can only do veterinarians.If a dog has chronic ear disease, the cleaning must be carried out only by the doctor.

Now you know how to clean the ears, regardless of man or animal.