How to wash the ear ?

How to wash the ear ?

In the formation of plugs in the ears of human hearing is deteriorating and there is discomfort in the ear canal.Symptoms appear only when the amount of earwax is already higher than normal.It may appear headache, increased blood pressure.If for some reason you can not go to the clinic to LORu, we will tell you how to wash the ear at home.

Instructions for washing ear home

  1. Plug the ear canal with a cotton swab for 11-15 minutes to become softer sulfur.
  2. Wash the ear with warm water using a syringe or a small blower to douching.The head at the same time you need to hold above the sink so that the water can drain off.
  3. Introduce pledged ear dropper and rinse the ear with hydrogen peroxide (3%).If liquid gets into the ear opening, you will feel a slight tingling.
  4. Collapse of a small piece of cotton flagellum.
  5. Gently rotate the flagellum in the ear opening to pull sulfur.
  6. Dry ear hairdryer.Be careful, the air should be unheated.Dryer should be communicated to the ear itself, the warm air should pass close to the ear.

If you feel that you are not pulled all the sulfur, after some time, repeat the purification procedure.Be aware that it is possible to carry out such actions only in the case when there is no opportunity to see a specialist.Cleansing should be done very carefully, otherwise you can damage the eardrum.

Only a specialist will be able to quickly and rinse the ear canal, because only he knows exactly how to wash the ear properly and without harm.He also gives advice on the care of the ear.To cerumen rarely appeared in the ear, it is necessary to comply with hygiene rules care for the ears.

at least once a week after a shower you must clean the ear canals of sulfur special cotton swab.Cotton swabs are not suitable for such operations since not clean the auditory canal and penetrate deeper sulfur, which contributes to the formation of plugs.After bathing in the ponds should be carefully remove water from the ear and dry ears hairdryer.

Now you know how to properly wash the ear and how to warn their ears from the traffic jams.