What should be the girl?

What should be the girl?

so happens that there are certain rules of propriety for the girls.It was from a female require a good appearance, cleanliness and decent behavior.Education begins in childhood, parents train around his daughter.In this article we will talk about what should be a girl.

Beauty and girls hygiene

Some people believe that beauty is not important.Maybe it is so.But all the girls have a natural beauty, which sometimes needs to be emphasized.Beauty - is primarily health.To look nice enough to observe a few rules.

  • hygiene.Brushing your teeth, take a shower once a day, wash your hair, watch out for nails.This is what a girl should be taught as early as the preschool years.When a girl becomes a disciple, you will spend most of their day at school, she is on her own.During this period, the girl must learn to monitor their clothes.Tidiness creates a pleasing appearance.Cleanliness and hygiene - a pledge of beauty and health.
  • correct gait is very important.Just imagine how the crowd is a girl with the right posture and a smile on your face!A girl should never stoop.The gait should be smooth and feminine.
  • should separately consider facial.In adolescence, the girl's face can be a problem: pimples may appear, black dots.This is due to hormonal changes.Already 11-12 years girl should thoroughly clean the skin and use the children's creams.
  • Cosmetics.Girl in adolescence should not overdo it with makeup.Generally it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics at least until late teens.Bright make-up on teenage girls looks vulgar.

Behavior girls

Now tell how a girl should behave at home and in society.Of course, it is inadmissible that the girl used in speech swear words and mats.Women always have to be more polite, kind and correct.We need to work on the speech.Very good, if a girl from childhood to be a lot of reading.

Perhaps the main quality of girls is shy.There is even a saying: "Modesty adorns a man."The girl should not have bad habits.The girl also should not be vulgar.You must be able to communicate so that the girl was a pleasure to talk to chat with her was a joy and caused no repulsive emotions.The girl must be feminine.girls also need to learn to cook, sew, do housework.Since ancient times it happened that men earn money and women raise children and do the housework.To out your daughter was a good wife and a mistress, a girl from childhood should be taught all this.

all people should abide by the rules and norms of behavior.As for the girls, that was attached to them such a thing as decency.It was decent and nice girl wants to see his wife, girlfriend.Girl must themselves respect and love.Even from an early age girl should understand who it is, and to know his worth.Girls need to bring love and care to this concern shifted to the family, she will.