What should be a woman ?

What should be a woman ?

The woman said a lot.It is described by poets, she dedicate songs and poems.But one of the men, too, has his eyes on the woman who sees something in her favorite, for someone it becomes simply ideal.The modern world has created different women, each of which is acceptable their behavior, their character traits ... Are the rules of what should be a woman there?

about a woman and her image

If as a woman stands before us the image of the beloved, the first thing a woman should be loving.Every man wants to be loved, gave warmth, they were gentle with him.A woman can be rich and miserable, sexy, beautiful, to be able to present himself in society, but first and foremost it must be able to love, because otherwise on mutual feelings, it can not hope.Feminists can deny this claim, but it has long been proven life.

We know that men need to be generous, then women - good.Kindness - this is one of the qualities without which no woman is a woman.This quality helps the woman find the invisible path to a man's heart.And if she was not gifted beauty, with the help of kindness, it can move mountains.Woman helps kindness to forgive the mistakes that did not only man, but also the ion itself.

Femininity.This quality should be in each of the fair sex.This quality can not be described in words.And if we say that the woman in the "burning house will go ...", we must understand that it has made such a nature and circumstances.

wisdom and patience.This is something that is inherent in every real woman.And it's not about the diploma crust and baggage of knowledge, wisdom is given at birth.A wise woman in any situation is to see its depth and substance.She has a birth inherent understanding of the laws of nature and human relations.

woman should be a good psychologist.She should understand people, understand and evaluate their actions.Women have this ability in the choice of the man who would become the father of their children.

The fair sex should be able to be strong and at the same time vulnerable.If she shows her man that she is defenseless, that this same woman shows her credibility.But you never have to fall in the hands of the woman who does not have a reliable support.To gather and show their weakness - that's the job of a real woman in a difficult situation.

diligence and thrift.These features of a woman judge others and summed up what should be a real woman.She gives her work and care to others.The house has to be order-fed children, the food is ready.And despite the fact that it sometimes happens on the farm a lot of work, each of the women should be neat and well-groomed.Do not walk, for example, the house in a dirty robe and disheveled.

Justice - this is a feature that will not allow a woman to make no meritorious deeds, and also her man, looking at her, does not fall to the vile actions.

versatility.The ideal woman should be fresh in the morning, in the afternoon - to meet pies, and in the evening to meet a man in an expensive perfume.Today, many women try to sit on the neck of his "papa."They do not want to work, but only live on all ready.I do not respect a woman.It must show that he can make money and survive in any situation.In this excellent article must be developed spiritually and culturally: theaters, cinemas, exhibitions.In the cultural life of the woman should understand and navigate.

Be mystery

What should be a woman?Riddle - so it must respond to men.Do not stop there, but to live and develop, improve their culture, cherish family values ​​should each of the women.Do not read a book that I want to scroll not drunk the cup, which wants to drink - so the woman should say strong half of mankind.