How to clean your ears ?

How to clean your ears ?

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How to clean your ears?

In this article, we'll show you how to clean the ears of adults, children and newborns: how often, what can and can not clean them.After properly clean the ears is very important, as they are one of the most important senses.The

do not need to clean the ears

Most of us are used to monitor the hygiene, so try as much as possible to clean the ears.In fact, the ear - a body that can self-clean.Furthermore, sulfur, which is formed in the ear canal, ear protects against ingress of various harmful microorganisms, foreign bodies, but also supports the desired flora.Some people try to clean the ears with improvised means, such as matches, cotton swabs, pins, pens, pencils, but it only increases the production of sulfur, and can injure the inner surface of the ear.

But cotton buds distinguish especially as their use is fraught with many dangers.Firstly, the use of cotton buds to clean the ear may cause very unpleasant disease such as otitis.The fact that the cotton swab does not pull, but only pushes most of the sulfur accumulated in the inner ear, which is the cause not only of temporary hearing loss, but also a variety of inflammation.

second reason to abandon cotton sticks - high probability of damage to the eardrum, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.The systematic use of cotton buds gradually injure the eardrum and eventually may even rupture the fabric on this sensitive organ.

How to properly clean the ears

Experts recommend clean the ears no more frequently than once every 2 weeks.In the normal state the ear itself is cleaned from sulfur.Once again, it can be cleaned only to the ear.This can be done, for example, taking a bath or shower.Soaped finger, rub the ear, then wash with soap several times.Also wash the soap you can, pouring into the ear a little bit of water, then you need to shake your head and bend down so that the water itself flowed out of the ear.

If you experience discomfort due to increased sulfur recovery, it is best to clean the ears with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide.To do this, tilt your head to one side and drip a few drops in the ear.So you need to sit or lie down for about fifteen minutes, and then gently clean the wool on the outside, and then repeat this for the other ear.

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How to clean the ears of cerumen

Now let's see what to do if there was a cerumen impaction.This can be understood in three features:

  • feeling of fullness (enhanced by the presence of water);
  • various noises in the ear;
  • if you hear the resonance of his voice.

Clean the plug as follows: to soften the need to clean the ears peroxide.Suitable as liquid paraffin and which should be slightly warmed before.Perform cleaning should be sitting with his head bowed.Typing in oil dropper or peroxide, pull the ear slightly back (to the ear canal lined) and drip a few drops.It should sit in this position up to 10 minutes, and then wiped with cotton wool to remove ear means residues then to do the same for the second ear.

Sometimes you have to repeat this procedure up to 3 times a day.When swelling cerumen it happens that the rumor is getting worse, but do not worry.After softening cerumen normal hearing restored.

If the plug is very tight, refer to the Laura (otolaryngologist).If cerumen impaction often accumulates, it is sufficient to clean the doctor about twice a year.And do not try to clean the child sulfuric plug themselves - it is dangerous for gentle children's ear!We'll talk more about how to clean the child's ears.

children clean ears

children clean the ears is better not more than 2 times per month, and only the ear, rubbing it, for example, cotton.Clean children's ears peroxide and cotton buds is strictly prohibited!It is best to clean the small ears after swimming, simply by rubbing them with a special swab with limiter.Buy this can be a pharmacy or make your own, simply by wrapping a piece of cotton wool in gauze.No more cleaning lugs child is not required.If you have problems with sulfuric stopper children, you must immediately consult a specialist (pediatrician Laura).

clean ears newborn

Health ears newly born baby is very important.Mothers should be cleaned very carefully children's ears and not more than once a week (in the first months of life).How to clean ears newborn?Special cotton swab with limiter (sold in pharmacies and baby stores) moistened with lukewarm water.Then gently wipe the baby's ear shell (remove remains of sulfur), you do not need to be cleaned with the ear canals, or sulfur can then turn into a tube, and remove it have already skilled.

should also clean the baby's skin behind the ear, gently wiping it with cotton wool, and if his ear has brown, wipe them with baby oil and remove any excess with cotton wool.Remember, cleaning should be carried out by different ears with cotton sticks.We also offer you to read our article How to clean the ears which talks about cleaning ears in children and animals.