Why do women lie ?

Why do women lie ?

Men are not always able to perceive the behavior of women, simply because the nature of man and woman, their thinking and emotional background is different.It simultaneously draws, but also creates a lot of questions.One of these is: why do women lie?


In our opinion - this is not a small degree of inherent genes.In primitive times especially, but also for most of the history of a woman dependent on a man.First, because it was weaker physically, then gave way to his education, since access to it was closed.This situation has forced women to use emotional manipulation.They had to somehow defend themselves in a vulnerable position.On the one hand, this situation allows women to better read the emotions, because they were at the slightest shadow on the satellite to understand how to behave in the face and on the other, it gave them a weapon in the form of the ability to lie well.

I want to marry

As a woman in the eyes of his beloved, and others want to seem perfect, it begins to hide unpleasant facts of his biography, or simply lie on the little things, for example, relating to the prestige of her clothes, work and things like that.After all, the present dictates feminist ideals, but still able and willing to follow them, and comply with all the same need.Therefore, in response to social demands exaggerated lie there.

All this woman does, including in order to get married.Especially strong is the desire in Russia.After all, marriage is regarded as a successful career.When after the wedding, the behavior of women naturally varies, the man feels cheated, but in vain, because if you have to demonstrate their natural behavior before marriage sweetheart, it might also be wondering how to find the game poudachnee.


men can also be perceived as a lie conflicting information from women, when you realize that a woman wants a certain behavior from men, but the reverse says.This applies, for instance, to conflict situations.The woman was offended and says he does not want to see the man.And in fact, she expected him to some act of contrition.A man is sometimes enters in bewilderment.But the point here is not in the women's lie, and the problems of emotional intelligence men.It can not be a woman actually say: "I'm mad at you, buy me flowers, to make amends."After this phrase lost all flair sincere repentance of men.

To meet

Or maybe you just got her with reproaches and inflated standards, which it always should follow.Therefore, it is easier to lie than to once again listen to unfounded criticism stream.After all, as has been said, the standards for women are now up.To quote the society it should be both beautiful, well-groomed, well-earning, while perfectly cook, look after children and to be carefree and happy.Combining these incompatible things at times for some it becomes unbearable.You may want to unload his companion and stop blame it on the principle: "Masha But everything else is able to perfectly cook the fish ..."

Sometimes it is better to lie

And let's not forget that women - ordinary people, and can liefor the same reasons as all.For example, to make a compliment when someone that clearly does not deserve to seem polite.Just as mentioned above, the fact that men are perceived as rational and objective criticism, others may find it for deliberate insult.Women feel better these moments, so they know where to invent man.Or lie "salvation" when the truth will do worse to another person, such as terminally ill.

Moreover, we should not exclude the lie for the sake of gain.Think yourself, how many times you use this technique.

We share their view of the problem, and now only you can decide that you will take in a complex situation.