Why do women cry ?

Why do women cry ?

said that the tears - it is a kind of language of the soul, but the tears or express immense happiness or overwhelming grief.Nevertheless, the beautiful half of society tears is much greater than the grief or happiness, is an extraordinary cascade of emotions, supported by character, mood and other factors.Duck why women cry, the reason for the tears of these fragile creatures, but the main thing why women cry and men in the same situation there.The fact is that women are the tears of one of the best methods of expressing yourself, and it does not matter what her age and social status.In order to better understand the causes of these phenomena, classify some of them:

feelings of compassion

Undoubtedly, the ability to empathize is inherent in man, to experience the same troubles that other people delve into other people's grief, very peculiar lovely ladies.Often, it can be seen as a woman crying while watching a touching movie about animals or unrequited love.The sensitivity of this kind is connected with the psychology of many girls, because in the future they will become sensitive and attentive mothers, to be able to understand and feel sorry for the child, so clever nature arrived, giving them a sense of community and compassion.

relieve stress and tension

Often we hear the phrase from "I'm so tired" women, "I do not tired of it," and do not attach much importance, but at some point the patience of becoming crowded, and the woman has no choiceas close to the room, collect a bunch of handkerchiefs and cry, finding fault with the whole world.It happens not because all the girls complete hysterics, just sometimes this method makes it possible again the next day to look at their problems much easier

Get something that is not so easy to get

From an early age many children are familiar with these words,like hysteria and whining.It is in this way from an early age, we begged and begged beautiful toys.Fortunately, when we grow up and realize that some things are not so easy to get, and that everything is given back-breaking labor.Women are well aware of this, so beautiful floor switches to the intangible things.Sometimes the tears she could not persuade the young man to do something, because as refuse such a delicious and sweet person, she sheds tears.In spite of this, should not be abused too weak men to women's tears, because flexing stick can permanently lose the trust of your loved one.

just hurts

Of course, the easiest answer to why she was crying - it's a pain.Moreover, this condition can be both physical and moral.The physical pain we see and we know how to prevent it, so the problem is not so terrible as it seems.Spiritual or "heart" soothe the pain is almost impossible, women have no choice but to endure it, and sometimes afford to shed some tears to become at least a little easier.Causing heartache woman, you doom it possible for the most bitter tears in the world, so always be careful how you behave and what you say.

From happiness

And finally, the most pleasant, those tears, which are waiting men, tears of happiness.Always a pleasure to watch how strong a woman is infected with positive emotions, when cries of joy.Major life events such as birth, marriage, vividly experienced girls.Although not to be excluded, and the small joys that are just to please any lady.

Never forget that cry as naturally as breathing, drinking, eating.Stumbling on the wall of misunderstanding, to see the first steps of your child or simply fall, stumbled - all of which can cause us the most powerful emotion expressing feelings.Most importantly, perhaps, is to try to keep our family and friends wept for joy only, and not with grief.