Why do women like that?

Why do women like that?

Woman has always been and will remain a mystery to men.We just so differently arranged that understand women until the end of men is not given.

woman shrouded in mystery.She cries with or without cause.She laughs at the fact that men are not funny.It manifests the wonders of ingenuity and cunning.It has sverhintuitsiey.It can soothe a glance or a ruffle in one word.She takes offense at nothing, but is able to forgive the most grievous sin.Why do women like that?What makes them incomprehensible to men?What is the secret of female attraction?Let's try to understand.

It's all about biology

Yes, oddly enough, but in the first place in the women's mystery blame biology.The woman initially arranged differently.Its main biological purpose - to reproduce healthy offspring.And this is possible only if you choose the most worthy (the best of the best!), Manufacturer of the most offspring.Next to the woman the task to preserve and grow their offspring.This, again, is only possible with the support and protection of a strong male.

Hence female desire for monogamy, insatiable desire to start a family, have children, and by all means to keep themselves near the father of these children.

Cyclical reproductive function of women also affects its character and actions.And it is, above all, in hormones.Monthly hormonal revolution causes women to be changeable in attitude and emotion.For one cycle it is able to achieve an emotional peak, and fall into a mild depression.Hence fickle mood, tears with or without cause, seizures, sexual activity, and complete indifference to the intimate life.

The thing sociology

course, can not be discounted and the centuries-old role of women in society.For a long time, women have been forced to remain in the shadow of men.They are not allowed in the policy, they were not given the right to vote, they did not have opportunities for creative realization.Yes, and today these opportunities have not all residents of the planet.

But the desire for self-realization of the human individual is not dependent on its gender.Hence the tendency of women to the omissions and cunning.Hence its desire to talk hints, not to give direct answers or even pretend that she does not understand what is asked of her.

It's all about psychology

And further contribute to the abyss of feminine mystique makes psychology.Women's psychology is fundamentally different from men, so men and women do not understand.The fact that a man perceives the world as a complete picture of himself as part of this world.A woman passes all through.For her world - she herself, the surrounding reality and merely adds to this world.

Thinking objectively men and women's thinking is subjective.The perception and understanding of reality among men based on the principle "from general to specific", and for women - "from the particular to the general."That's why women are so different and incomprehensible to men creation.

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