Why do women want love ?

Why do women want love ?

Love - it's a wonderful feeling, which surpasses all material wealth of our planet.If people love it, of course, happy.And it's not about the money and well-being, the case in the relationship between people.No wonder the scientists have proved that in Brazil people are happier than the wealthy Europe.The fact that they have a more positive attitude towards life, and many families are kept not on material goods, and on the relationship between the members of this family.And the woman feels there is undoubtedly happier.So, why do women want love?Of course, this is a philosophical question, but we will try to find an answer in our article.


relationship is, or they simply do not.Of course, the people among whom there is no love, there can be no relationship.Of course, there is a business relationship, the relationship to "make friends against someone", but it is only temporary and quickly ending the relationship.We can even look at history.There are many examples of love and dislike.Nowadays, the concept of love has lost its significance.Previously, few people rushed phrase "I love you", they usually spoke only when there is a sense really, but today, a man or woman could utter such a phrase, not investing in it make much sense.So it turns out that people are yearning for a wonderful feeling of love and all the positive manifestations of this feeling.

We buy

If you like, it gets more people than giving.This is one of the rules.In our world, where everything is bought and sold, almost no room left for love and we see it only from television screens.Love - is the acquisition of happiness.And who among us does not want to be happy?Actually, one of us is happy in love?Few people will answer positively, which is why this craving for beauty, is present in every human being.After all, every girl and woman wants to be loved, no matter who said that love - it's not true.The fact that many people confuse love with passion, which often lend themselves to people.Passion - selfish love - sacrifice.

Willingness to make sacrifices

If a woman wants to love, it is possible that her life was not until the man who would show her love and she is looking for.Of course, we should not think that show love - is to pamper the woman, not at all.Show love - is to listen and understand the person with whom you communicate, to forgive him and help.But whether such relationships have today?I think that a negligible amount.But the demand for them remains now and will in the future.And men need to understand it.Therefore it is necessary to separate concepts: love, give, give, forgive, to care.And do not think that if he allows it, he loves it.He was just doing his duty as the stronger sex, and love - it is closer to the moral than to the material.

So if you want a good relationship with his woman, love her and do not hide their feelings, sacrifice time, she will appreciate it, help in difficult situations and see what your life together will be much better and happier.Remember that a woman wants to love only when it does not, and this means that you nedodali it and sooner or later it will find it, but if you?It is quite another matter.