What woman man ?

What woman man ?

Let us turn to a topic that excites the minds of all people on the planet.We talk about women and men.Why do they need each other?Do we need them at all?How to be the one who feels it unnecessary?The theme of this article is neither more nor less than an existential character, so do not judge strictly, dear reader.

What we need each other

What woman man?Is it possible to give a precise answer to this question?Probably not.Many women are convinced that today's men want them only to procreate naturally.That is, men need women for reproduction.This position is due to the fact that the modern world is in the process of global and deep restructuring.While living on earth today, a person enjoys all the benefits of civilization, and all the conveniences that makes life easier, and most importantly relieve man from the aggressive activities of resource extraction.A prototype production to date - is money.Money - it is a resource that determines the survival of modern man.

As you know, today, women can earn much more than men.Thus, it appears that the man ceases to meet the evolutionary secured him the role of breadwinner.Today the fair sex eager for independence and autonomy.Even children, many women want to raise alone.It was then, and gets our crisis issue.Why women men?Perhaps they are not needed?After all, the current pace of development of science for growing children and without the participation of a strong half of mankind.Let the technology is very expensive, but it will take a couple of decades and this "service" will fall much in price.What men will be then?What role they will do and what will be engaged?

subject of this article so "worn out", it is difficult to find some new words to understand the question, why men women.If you ask him a strong half of humanity, the answers are obvious: sexual satisfaction, aesthetic pleasure, it is no wonder they say that men love with their eyes.In addition, a woman needs a man for communication between people of different sexes may also tie strong business relationships, because there are issues that women are more capable than men.But, when it comes to sexual relationships, the first thing that comes to mind is love.

I would like to just make a small reservation.We do not want to shake the surrounding air with empty words about the power of love and the power of the female and male mind.We are trying to send a track of our conversation soon to the biological side of the problem.Where does the feeling of love?What is it?Space?Universe?In a global sense, most likely it is.Well, in the universal planetary scale?Love - this is one of the most important of human needs, the origin of which derives from an instinct of self-preservation of all life in the universe, no matter what form that life was not wearing.Implementation needs determines how people adapted to the world.Why do people who have achieved success in their careers, but missed the opportunity to experience the full force of a deep personal affection, often say that does not feel part of this world?The answer, in our opinion, is that people who miss the opportunity to fall in love, have failed in the implementation of self-preservation and the need to continue themselves in the other person, and later around the world.That's what a man needs a woman.

relations between the sexes has always been a favorite theme of many psychologists, biochemists, poets and philosophers.It is worth noting that define what it means to a woman for a man, it is impossible, because in each case the answer is a.The relationship between mother and son, and the father and daughter are based on unconditional love.Sister and brother can not get along, but a mountain to stand up for each other.Man and Woman can bind sympathy.You also can not deny the existence of friendship between people of different sexes.One thing is for sure - we are to each other, of course, necessary.