The woman - what is it?

The woman - what is it?

woman - a beautiful, mysterious creature who sang for centuries poets and artists.But what is the ideal woman, what is it?Someone beauty given by nature, and one reaches it by means of permanent labor at themselves.But the concept of the ideal women includes not only external beauty, but also the interior.What should be the ideal woman?How are her men?

Important details of feminine beauty

should pay attention to what the ideal woman - is not only a combination of luxurious hair, a beautiful face and a gorgeous figure.Learn about the important details of feminine beauty are there to fully comply with the image of the ideal woman.

  • well-kept appearance.The ideal woman should always monitor their appearance.Every man wants to see next to a beautiful and well-groomed woman, not only on holidays and every day.Some representatives of the weaker sex after marriage start to pay less attention to their appearance.This is the main mistake.The ideal woman is always watching him and looks good even at home.The main rule - never carry out various beauty treatments and makeup application in the presence of her husband.For him, it must remain a mystery.
  • gentle, kind and sweet.Shocking, rude, foul language nature with vulgar taunts and barbs have absolutely nothing to do with the inherent softness and tenderness of a woman.Femininity - is something that has always attracted men.
  • Smart.The ideal woman should be not only smart, but also wise.It should not flaunt their intelligence and put it on display.In order to help man save male ego, you must be able to skillfully hide your mind.This ability to appreciate every man.
  • not have bad habits.Many female representatives reflect what types of women like men.And men like the most different types, the main thing in their understanding that the ideal woman did not have bad habits.Remember that alcohol and smoking postpones any woman from the man ideal.
  • restraint in behavior and clothing.Any man appreciates a woman some mystery, the puzzle.So do not flaunt all their charms, as it will attract only a frivolous man.And so whether you need is unlikely.As a man with serious intentions, it is too frank appearance, just scare him.The ideal woman should always dress in style and have a sense of proportion.
  • not have mercantilist intentions.Lady-ideal must relate to material possessions, without any fanaticism.Of course, money is needed for the measured and comfortable life, but they should not be the only topic of conversation.
  • not delve into the past.Each ideal woman would not find out who was to her.After all, she knows that only she is the best, and this is always the case.She is well aware that it is not necessary to torture a man talk about his past, this is not exactly a positive impact on current relations.The past must always remain only in the past.
  • Excellent hostess and a great mom.A man is important to know what kind of woman mistress.She should be able to cook and create comfort in the house, gently take care not only about their children, but also about her husband.

ability to delight and surprise.It's no secret that over time, the bright feelings and emotions come everyday measured life.At such times, it begins to seem that the old feelings fade away.But not all think about the fact that they can renew or simply to support and nurture from the outset, not letting them go out.A wise woman always tries to keep the harmony of family relations.It must be able to surprise her man.To do this, fit, and all sorts of culinary delights, different ideas.Think about what your man likes how to excite his imagination?

Be wise

What are the women?Women are different.All of them are not similar to each other.The ideal woman has many advantages, but the most important thing - it must bring to the world of beauty and love.If a man really love a woman, she will definitely perfect for him.Man can close your eyes to some of your weaknesses, but do not abuse it.Try to be docile, know how to give.A wise woman will never achieve something cry, she will present all in this light that the man himself wants it.