How to be a woman ?

How to be a woman ?

on a woman for centuries was assigned a lot of obligations.She had to combine sometimes even the opposite qualities of character to be both strong and attractive personality, and obedient wife to her husband, the guardian of the family hearth.

So what should be a modern woman?


Each era dictates their views on what should look like a real woman.For example, at one time considered to be a preferred curvy shape, and then in the "trend" appeared to be very thin women.Consider recommendations for the modern woman.

  • be in shape, but it does not need to be too thin.Fit stomach and firm buttocks, slim waist - just such a lady want to see beside her a lot of men.
  • care for themselves.As before, the representatives of the stronger sex in the ladies appreciate the beautiful hair, healthy smooth skin, neat manicure and pedicure.
  • be able to correctly use cosmetics.And men today increasingly prefer natural makeup.Too bright colors, as well as a sharp scent of perfume, quite aggressive and are often simply repel men.
  • Dress feminine, sexy.In this case though men and love revealing outfits, but still prefer to have their ladies demonstrated when communicating face-to-face.In public, the representatives of the stronger sex wants to see a woman dressed with taste, refined, elegant and intriguing, but not provocatively.


Thinking how to be a woman worthy of admiration and imitation, pay as much attention as possible to education in itself relevant features:

  • Femininity.It manifests itself in a graceful gait and ability to look good, to dress elegantly, in flirty nature and soft, elusive tenderness in his movements, facial expressions, words.
  • restraint.This woman does not become scandals.She will be able to keep silent at the right time, to forgive, or at least to express their thoughts and feelings tactfully.
  • love and admiration towards her man.Every man dreams of a life partner who would recognize in him the authority, believed in him, trusted him, felt it protection and strength.
  • ease.A woman who is capable of any relationship, communication do ease, joyful, always has a lot of fans and friends.
  • economic.This includes the ability to maintain good and fast all the household chores and skills welcome guests, and the art of competent distribution of the family budget.
  • Belief in yourself, love yourself.This is a very important quality, which largely determine the attitude to people around them.If you love and respect yourself, you believe in your own abilities, your environment will be the same way to treat you.
  • be weak, sometimes capricious.This woman can rarely afford to such behavior.In the end, Caesar - Caesar's.In other words, provides an opportunity for men to show their strength, initiative.Allow them to solve your problems and pamper you.
  • Sociability.Make new friends, flirt, be relaxed.
  • be able to give an intimate relationship that you need a partner.
  • independence.Never show a man that you depend on him, without it can not.It will make you a victim of love.Always be honest and open about your feelings for your partner, but let us understand that you feel fine without it.
  • unpredictable mystery.Surprise new hairstyles, dresses, acts.Never disclose to others, and especially the beloved soul, character until the end - learn how to respond to direct questions about your significant pause, accompanying them with a playful smile.Just do not go too far - all the same opportunity to let the partner periodically to learn something new about you.

As always remain a real woman

Turmoil days, life's difficulties often knock us out of the rut.We are like a squirrel in a cage, gaining momentum towards new obstacles, forgetting to think about and take care of themselves.But it is so important in any situation to be a woman - the one whose image we have described above.What to do?

  • Make it a mandatory rule to give care for themselves at least 30-60 minutes a day.No matter what time of day it is - most importantly, that the whole family at this moment with the understanding to leave you alone.At such times, you can do a hydrating mask for the face and hair, take a bath with oils and so on. In general, do whatever is necessary to maintain your youth and attractiveness.
  • Another 30-60 minutes, pay engage in favorite business.After all, as you may recall, this woman very much appreciates their independence.You must have something, what you realize your creativity, is what you will relax the soul.It may be reading a book, listening to music, drawing, dancing, sports, crafts, watching some programs, and so forth.
  • sure to stand out from the family budget to buy things you need.It may be cosmetic, new underwear, jewelery and so on. Simply put off every week a small amount, and then at the end of the month you will be able to afford the desired purchase.Remember that saving for yourself, you will soon cease to be attractive to their man and for itself.Later, it can lead to depression, difficulties in love relationships.
  • least occasionally through glossy women's magazines, watch a program about fashion and style.Perhaps it is not too much impact on your appearance, but you will have constantly before the eyes of a role model - stylish, beautiful, fancy, elegant women.This will help you remember who you are.
  • Do not let yourself behaviors, words, acts which could cause damage to your idea of ​​the perfect woman.Do this so that you can be proud of yourself.This is perhaps the most exigeant rule, but in many respects it determines compliance with the final result.

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