How to cure a dry cough child?

Dry cough - this is one of the first symptoms of various types of colds.The symptom that is very bad - the patient is constantly wants to cough, and then cough relief is not felt.It's not easy going through a dry cough, and adults and children, but many drugs are contraindicated kids.This article will tell you how to cure dry cough baby.

physician visits

If your child has started a dry cough, the first right action - a doctor's visit.In this situation it is very important to diagnose correctly, because a dry cough can be a symptom of laryngitis is easy to cure, and symptom of a much more serious diseases, including infectious.

Treatment folk remedies

However, if you are unable to see a doctor, you can try to cure a cough on their own, but need to use the most harmless methods of treatment, such as various kinds of folk remedies.

When dry cough in the first place, it is recommended plenty of warm (not hot!) Drinking - from the banal tea with honey and lemon grass up tinctures special fees, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.You can also give your child medicine prepared from natural ingredients alone.

Prescription medicine

In a glass, pour the juice of one lemon with two tablespoons of glycerine, and the remaining space is filled with honey and mix thoroughly ingredients.Potion can take up to 6 times a day for a teaspoon.As the recovery of the dose can be reduced.

Remember that to receive glycerol can be contraindications, so still do not neglect the treatment of a doctor.

Traditional medicine

For the treatment of dry cough, there are three types of drugs - antitussives (eg, Sinekod), coating (Strepsils, Suprema Laure, etc.) and expectorants (medicine based on the mother-and-stepmother, licorice, plantainand so forth.).However, all of these drugs should not be used in children on their own, they need to acquire only by prescription, which will take into account features of the child's body by inserting one or the other drug.

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