How to behave with a woman ?

How to behave with a woman ?

In fact, it is very difficult to understand women, to find them the right way, that from this there was no one bad, find the right way to conquer his lady.But all - taki will advise you a couple of tricks, they will be useful to every man, to know how to behave with a woman.


  • women Women do not like when you do not pay attention to them, it hurts them, and they begin to show interest in someone who ignores.If you start a woman throw gifts, offers, surprises, it will simply lose interest in you.Give them the opportunity to express themselves, the opportunity to have you, keep your distance.Of course, everything has a limit, do not overdo it.
  • Women only all love gifts.But you should know that it can bring happiness to your woman.Some will be happy small souvenirs, and some may win only expensive car.Such a rule as "the main thing is not a gift and attention" does not always work.Do not expect that after you have donated a gift she'll jump into your bed.
  • All the weaker sex love compliments, does not happen a lot of compliments, do not be afraid to overdo it.Beautiful words from the man wants to hear in your address every woman, it brings them a lot of pleasure and joy.If you do it in an original and skillfully, it will allow you to climb one step higher in her eyes.
  • Give women the opportunity to express their thoughts, it will allow you not only to understand what she wants from you actually, but give her to understand that she is really the way to you.Usually when a woman speak out, she begins relaxation - and then you can quite convince her of anything or anything unwind.
  • And, of course, do not have to do everything as a woman tells you - in a relationship you have to manage the process of seduction and have a major, if they have not yet emerged.
  • Woman and man - different both in their physical data, and psychological.Therefore, it may be that you have something a trifle, but the opposite is true for her.In order not to engage in senseless disputes - do not prevent them from doing what they want, even if your opinion, it looks ridiculous.
  • Women harm or trick - in some cases, the woman should not indicate that she had to do, becauseshe spite you can not do this, and.Because, to be flexible regarding, for example, many men can get to do what you need them to, only reformulating its request, for example, by making so that the thought of sex itself came in a woman's head.
  • woman should not complain about life, they will ignore or perceive this behavior as a sign of weakness.

intercourse with a woman Laws

Discover twelve axioms, the most important laws of how to behave with a woman.We are concerned that men should never do.

  • should never be expressed, which is not replaceable is not.As a result, you will find a replacement, and you learn about it in the least.
  • Do small things do not deceive women.Keep to the main force.
  • Never tell how a woman looks good, if you at the same time talking to her on the phone.
  • never asked her opinion on some matter.She still you will express it.And more than once, and with always new.
  • Never dispose of what you seem superfluous.Give this woman.She throws.
  • Try to avoid sudden, the best surprise for her, which you warned her in advance.
  • Never give reason to think that you can wash the dishes themselves.
  • Never say ambiguous complement, she will not understand what you wanted to say to her.
  • Never a woman does not explain, for that you love her.Anyway, she does not understand.
  • Do not tell a woman that she is the best of all those who have.She can check this.
  • And finally, remember that you are one, and a lot of women.

This article described how to behave with a woman.And also - what you should never do in their relations with the fair sex.You try this experience in their mate.Now that you know how to behave with a woman.Find the right approach to his beloved.Good luck!