How to cure a cough ?

How to cure a cough ?

often any colds accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as coughing.Any cough is considered to be a protective reaction of the organism.Dry cough manifested due to inflammation in the respiratory system, which can be caused not only by viral diseases, and allergies, and other factors.This cough is considered the most dangerous and treated over a long period of time.

How to cure a dry cough in the traditional way

Nowadays modern chemists have on their shelves of a huge number of different antitussive and expectorant drugs.

Regardless of the method for the treatment of dry cough, the main task - to translate into a wet cough.The most effective means of treatment are drugs with combined action of (+ expectorant antitussive effect).


drug is available in the form of tablets, syrup and drops.Assign adults and children older than two months.Contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.


issued in the form of syrup.Possible allergic reaction, so before applying you must carefully read the instructions.


issued in the form of tablets and drops.Assign adults and children older than one year.Contraindicated for pregnant women.


issued in the form of syrup plant origin.Assign adults and children older than six months.Allergic reaction possible.

Codelac Phyto

issued in the form of syrups and elixirs.It does not recommend the use of a long period of time, as may develop dependence on the drug.Assign adults and children over two years.Contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.Allergic reaction possible.

also to eliminate the symptoms and easing the pain lozenges and hard candy can help with sage and warming ointment.

Please note that the drug should appoint a doctor, and on an individual basis to determine the duration of the reception.

When choosing a self-medication be sure to read the instructions, contraindications and possible, consult with a specialist.

How to cure a dry cough folk ways

can handle and folk therapy with painful dry cough.

If there is no temperature, it is necessary to do warm inhalation based on soda, furatsilina, drugs (eg, Rotokan) or essential oils.

In addition, to cope with a cough will help mustard and banks.

also an effective means of infusions and decoctions are based on herbs (such as rosemary, licorice, marshmallow).Take broth requires at least three times a day for half an hour before eating (half a cup).

If a strong dry cough is important to take plenty of warm liquids (such as clean water and a variety of fruit compotes and fruit drinks from fruits and berries).Useful mineral water has an effect on the type of "Borjomi".Daily need to drink at least two liters of any liquid.

Traditional recipes

  1. Mix lemon juice cooked with a spoonful of honey and glycerin.With a strong cough, take a mixture of three times a day on a teaspoon before meals.
  2. Mix radish juice and honey in equal proportions.Eat a teaspoon of the mixture before going to bed.
  3. Cook the onion in a glass of milk and leave to infuse.Take a spoonful every three hours.
  4. Mix viburnum berries with sugar.Eat with strong attacks.
  5. Mix carrot juice and milk in equal proportions.Drink half a glass of beverage an hour after eating.
  6. Dissolve two tablespoons of sugar in a glass of warm water.Add the mashed banana and mix after eating take on a tablespoon.
  7. pound of grated onion mixed with two cups of sugar and lower the mixture into a liter of water.Then boil well on low heat for two hours.Cool the mixture and add a couple of spoonfuls of honey.Take five tablespoons after meals.

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