What guys prefer girls?

What guys prefer girls?

Everyone knows that the taste and color, as they say, no friend.However, many members of the stronger sex dreaming, how to win the largest number of girls.Maybe winning women's hearts, as a sport is certainly not fair, and even a little immoral, but still we can not bypass their attention this vital topic, and not wonder what guys like girls?Perhaps the answer to this question will help you find and win the one and only, which is the most you sudboy.Tak what requirements make special fair sex to their potential princes?

man should be a man

Be a man - a concept quite capacious.It must be strong, courageous, brave, resolute, to the girl behind him felt like a stone wall.And you will not necessarily be like this when inflated kinogeroya, flexing muscles mountain in the spotlight, to be a man is, rather, an inner quality.But, of course, if you are at the same time can still lift something heavier than the portfolio, it is also welcome.


Smart men are now in the price.Naturally, you do not have to sound smart, and be it, pretending girl, as a rule, will notice.But, with all this, you do not have to be boring, if you too will put pressure on her with his intellect, it will soon run away from you.After all, no one, not even heavily burdened with a lot of knowledge, a girl does not want to feel like a complete fool.

sense of humor

With you in no one case should not be boring.To be able to screw up at the right time, a funny phrase or joke highly regarded female.And we all know that all the girls flirtatious, so you just have to be fun, if you want to be the favorite of women.But there is one important thing "BUT".You are not in any case should not laugh at her.You will not forgive.


What guys like girls anymore?Of course romantic.Romance for women is important.You should be able for her to crazy things, the beautiful gestures to publicly recognized his feelings for her.After all, it not only needs to know that you love her, but all her friends.Do not be shy, show it in all its glory.

Loyalty and honor

Nobody likes liars and apostate.Therefore, in order to win the girl's heart, you will most certainly need to let her know that you are committed and faithful to her, more than anyone else.Try to be honest with her, it is very much appreciated by women.But be nevertheless extremely careful in their veracity, be aware that not everyone can talk to his girlfriend.For example, if you ask, not whether it has recovered in recent years, in any case do not tell her, "Yes."


If you are generous, and besides, you have the opportunity to spend money, then many men today seem quite irrelevant question, what guys like girls in appearance.They think that, if you have money, the woman does not matter how it looks like a fan.Unfortunately, this fact is increasingly confirmed today.But still, let's hope that this does not affect all of the fairer sex.And besides, all hunting to love you rather than your wallet or bank card.


Everyone knows that what girls like guys, thin, with long well-groomed hair natural colors, funny and interesting, household, but a little mysterious.Such, to all my friends were jealous.And what are the external features to attract women to men?As practice shows, attractive man should not be too thin or full, he should not be strong or infirmity, it must be neat and smell good, so good quality shoes and expensive perfumes mandatory attribute of a young man.

So what guys prefer girls and what girls like boys, statistics in this case is not the best assistant.Thin or you are not very tall or short, blond or brunette, in short, all the external quality is not important.The main thing that you ran a spark between that there was sympathy and mutual attraction.And if you are sunk into each other's heart and soul, this is serious.And if you do it right, your girl will follow you to the ends of the world.