How to treat a sore throat ?

How to treat a sore throat ?

reasons for the emergence of pain in the throat, there are many, some of them require a visit to a doctor and a serious treatment.However, if a sore throat is not accompanied by high fever and other symptoms of anxiety, you can try to treat it yourself. The article below describes the traditional medications and people's methods of dealing with the pain in my throat.

How to remove sore throat using folk remedies

If you do not want to once again drink "all chemistry," you can taste the famous folk ways to combat pain in the throat.A good and effective way is to simply rinse.Most often this is done using soda.But it should be done frequently.But the result will be a decrease in pain.Rinse a sore throat can and decoction of herbs such as calendula, tarragon, mint, plantain.By the way, inhalation are not nearly as good, you just do not be lazy to brew herbs and breathe them.The main thing is not to overdo inhalation, as the broth to cool down to about 80 degrees, otherwise it is necessary to treat and even burns.

Drinking plenty of fluids is a prerequisite for colds in general.In the treatment of sore throat can drink brewed raspberry leaves, tea with honey and lemon.

How to treat a sore throat traditional methods

Traditional methods are well known.These include all kinds of candies and lozenges, such as "Faringosept", "Lizobakt" and many others.It is important to combine the treatment of several methods, so you speed up the recovery.For example, for the treatment of throat doctors often prescribe the patient to lubricate the throat Lugol's iodine solution, the procedure is not as pleasant as the resorption of candy, but more effective.Also pay attention to the sprays, they are often replaced by rinsing.

Generally a sore throat is easier to prevent than to treat.To do this, avoid too cold food and drinks, even in the heat, and be careful not to catch a cold.

More information about the methods of treatment of the throat, you can read the article Sore throat: the cure and the cure throat.