How to cure a runny nose child?

How to cure a runny nose child?

Runny nose in a child is a disease with which we face all the parents.At a cold inflamed nasal mucosa.This inflammation is accompanied by frequent sneezing and copious discharge of mucus from the nasal passages.Runny nose can be caused by any infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract.Sometimes rhinitis appears as a result of allergic reactions to some external stimulus, such as the pollen of flowering plants.More often a runny nose in children is the result of the usual hypothermia - baby with weak immune systems need only wet feet while walking and in the morning he was waking up with a runny nose.

How to cure a runny nose in children.General recommendations

  • On the first day of illness in children first symptoms such as headache, lethargy and malaise.Sometimes there is a slight increase in body temperature.By the evening of the nose begins to abundantly secrete mucus.In the early days it is transparent and liquid, with the further development of the disease mucus thickens and becomes yellow-green color.rhinitis treatment should be aimed at removing the nasal mucosa swelling and decrease secretions from the nasal passages.
  • sick child, regardless of age, the first thing to dress warmly.The temperature in the room where the little patient should be maintained at twenty degrees.
  • very important to make sure that the humidity of the air in the room was not lower than 50%.In the winter, when most of the children suffer from the common cold, the air in urban dwellings is too dry due to heating operating.In order to increase the humidity, use a household humidifier.If not, spread on radiators wet towels.
  • If the child feels ill or has a fever, put him to bed and cover with a warm blanket.Under the head and shoulders of the patient, place a high pillow.In this position, it will be much easier to breathe.
  • Every two hours bury the nostrils of the child with 2 - 4 drops of saline solution (it can be replaced by a weak solution of ordinary table salt).This should be done in order to prevent dry out mucus deep in the nasal passages.Dried mucus can almost completely block the passages and thereby greatly complicate breathing baby.

further treatment rhinitis in children is different depending on their age.

How to cure a runny nose nursing baby

Treating rhinitis in very young children is associated with a number of some of the difficulties.

  • The first of these is that the kids still can not blow his nose alone.If the nose is blocked grudnichka thick sputum, it is impossible to drip into it no medicine.In order to release the nose of an infant from using viscous mucus children rubber enema.The tip of a blower brush with vegetable oil, lightly squeeze the bulb in his hand and very slowly and carefully insert the tip of the enema into the nostril baby.Suctions mucus from a nasal passage.Wipe the tip of pear alcohol, again with oil and grease aspirate mucus from another stroke.Now that the baby's nose is cleared, you can continue treatment.
  • second difficulty lies in the treatment of babies is that most pharmaceutical drugs can only be used for the treatment of children over one year.For the treatment of infants of these funds can be used "Derinat", "Vibrocil" children "Otrivin" and "Nazivin 0.01%", burying them no more than three times a day for no more than five days.

cure a runny nose even monthly child may be using a completely safe folk remedies.

Folk remedies for the treatment of rhinitis in infants

  • Babies under one year can be instilled into the nose beet or carrot juice.This juice should always be freshly.For the youngest patients it should be slightly diluted with boiled water.Juice bury five drops in each nostril three times daily.
  • If the baby is breastfed, because breast milk can be prepared medicine for a cold.To do this, breast milk, dilute in half with boiled water and dairy drip drops in the nose of the child.The drug is completely harmless, so it can be used after each feeding.
  • Good Treats runny juice, pressed from a sheet of Kalanchoe, which is necessary before use slightly diluted with water.It thins the mucus and causes sneezing, during which grudnichka nose is cleared of mucus.

The cure runny nose in a child older than one year

treat a runny nose in children older than one year, you can use such pharmaceutical preparations as the children's "Naphthyzinum", "Nazivin", "Xymelin" or "Baby Nazol" applying them according to the instructions.Also cure a runny nose in a child can help a variety of means from the arsenal of traditional medicine.

How to cure rhinitis folk remedies

quickly cure a runny nose the child may be using the drops, prepared on the basis of natural honey.For their manufacturing need a teaspoon of honey to dissolve a tablespoon of warm boiled water.The resulting solution should be honey instilled into the nose of five drops in each nostril four times a day.Even more effective treatment is obtained by dilution of honey the juice of red currants in the same proportions as water.

Good cure rhinitis garlic oil.To make it, four cloves of garlic passed through a hand press, blaming the garlic pulp into a glass jar and fill it with 50 ml of warm refined vegetable oil.Jar tightly close the lid and put the mixture in a dark place for twelve hours for the infusion.After this time chopped garlic decanted through a strainer, and pure garlic oil is used to lubricate the nasal passages with the help of cotton swabs.Carry out such procedures five times a day until complete recovery from the common cold.

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