How to cure a sore throat for a day ?

How to cure a sore throat for a day ?

Sometimes the disease overtakes a person at the wrong time: before paid trip to a resort, on the eve of an important trip or before the final exam.Finally, on Saturday, when the doctor does not call up, and for the "fast" seems to be no evidence.And then you start to look for ways on how to cure a sore throat for a day so as not to ruin the vital event.There are several techniques that, if not quite banish illness, it will help you at least carry out their plans.

How to cure a sore throat for a day

sure it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • drink a lot and often.And beverages should be warm, not carbonated and non-chemical - tea, water, juice.Juices in question: some of them are sour, that only irritates the throat;
  • rinse.Preferably - every hour.One of the most effective compounds includes the dining room spoon with a hill of salt, a teaspoon - soda and 5-6 drops of iodine per liter of warm water.You can alternate with a decoction of sage and chamomile, with a solution furatsilina, with olive oil (which, incidentally, is by no means impossible to swallow), more on that, read The gargle for sore throat;
  • any active movements.Bed rest, the prescribing physician - the best assistant in the fight with a sore throat.It is advisable to refrain from the TV games on the tablet, and of sitting at the computer.Lie down and read a book, wrapped up warmly.

All these measures will certainly have effect.But as soon as you defeat the attendant circumstances - run to the doctor, as to completely cure a sore throat for a day is unlikely.More about how to treat a sore throat, see the article How to treat a sore throat.

consider a heavier version.

How quickly cure purulent tonsillitis

purulent tonsillitis - a very serious diagnosis.Without antibiotics to cure it is impossible, and they can correctly assign a doctor.Prior to his visit, and the acceleration of treatment can be taken such measures:

  • dissolve Faringosept or Falimint;
  • gargle with boric acid, low potassium permanganate, sodium furatsilina - all that disinfects ulcers;
  • as the fast cure purulent tonsillitis without antibiotics can not take them, and you need to have to deal with the consequences in the form of diarrhea, which weakens the body and slows recovery.You can drink probiotics appointed doctor, and you can - in a lot of yogurt or fermented baked milk;
  • gargling with lemon juice, which diluted honey or apple cider vinegar;
  • and again the same bed rest.

more about how to treat a sore throat, see the article How to treat purulent tonsillitis.