What do I need a boyfriend?

What do I need a boyfriend?

Loneliness is not peculiar to a lot of people.Most could not live on a desert island a couple of days.And it is not the lack of civilization (a toilet, a refrigerator and microwave Internet).

The girls differ from boys?Men need diversity and permanence of women.This, unfortunately or fortunately, is not always so clear.

often head wanders question: what do I need a boyfriend?And the answer is not as easy to find as it seems at first glance.

What a guy needs a girl

Criteria much and every girl they own.The options are countless: the beautiful, rich, caring, loving, and so on and so forth.Find all epithets in one person is simply impossible.So, we choose for themselves the basic criteria and begin to consider options.

For example, if you think you are always right, and only your word should be the last, the search for a strong, courageous and responsible person is not necessary.Such men can not be "henpecked" by definition.

If you are soft, thin-skinned people, look to the person opposite you temperament as a gentle man, like you, will not work.A couple who has to make decisions and take responsibility

What a guy approaches me

Further, it is necessary to look into the essence of the question itself.Why do you need a guy, you want to get from the union (not to be confused with the marriage)?

  • If for entertainment, then the answer is simple - take, it can be said of anyone.The main thing is that it looks and behavior when communicating you are not repelled.
  • If you are looking for a man for a serious relationship, then the question should be put differently.To family life is important, not beauty, fun, and responsible, caring, desire to build a relationship with another person.

As if you were not similar to each other, we must remember that you are from different families.So, to "build relationships" should be from the ground, and, with the general, just for you, the principles.

What your boyfriend

This question can only be answered you.Neither Mom nor Dad or girlfriend can not, and should not, believe me, to choose for you.After all, the relationship with the guy you are.Mistakes allow all your choice may not be the first time.No problem.Do not mistake Only he who does nothing.But to determine what it should be, it is necessary to start "Search", at least in the highlights.Let your boyfriend is the best for you!