What man needs a woman ?

What man needs a woman ?

All people, one way or another, are divided on any grounds.Clever and stupid, beautiful and ugly, rich or poor.But of all people, without exception, can be divided into men and women.It is most interesting interaction between them.And what can we hide, all of us like a certain type of woman or man.Let's now talk about what a man needs a woman.

agree, and in fact before it was much easier.Women like a very strong and confident males.There were times, and as the development of the society changed and became more sophisticated requirements of the opposite sex.You can select a number of characteristics of men who, perhaps impressed by any woman.

independence and self-sufficiency

Probably, none of the women do not want to see a man in a dog that is constantly running after her and is completely subordinate to its orders.Men-mama's boy who ever asked the board, is also not in demand by the fairer sex.Women need these men, who have an opinion, and do what they see fit.An important quality in a man is the ability to make decisions, take responsibility.It is for these qualities can be attributed to financial independence.After all, every woman wants to see a man earner who can take care of themselves, and of their half.

humor and intelligence

For many women, perhaps, is one of the most important qualities in a man.A good sense of humor and wit can bribe almost any woman.And the ability to accurately and beautifully express their thoughts will not only impress, but also continuously motivate a woman.Therefore, men, be aware that not need to be pumped up male to please a woman.

attractive and sexy

can say that most of the ladies with confidence to the question of what a man needs a woman, called these characteristics.Indeed, probably no one does not like men who do not take care of themselves, walking around with greasy hair and the smell of sweat.And it is not that important natural features, because nature has given us a completely different features, more important will be how you can give them.

sexual traits among males females secrete primarily body harmony and timbre of the voice.Therefore, dear man, do not forget the gym and public speaking classes.

Women aesthetic perception developed more often better than that of boys.Therefore, it is important to carefully choose their clothes, because, as they say, "meet on clothes."But this is not the most important thing for a woman is very important to feel comfortable with a man, to feel that paying attention to her.


When answering the question about what kind of man needs a woman, can cause a range of internal qualities.First of all, a woman is important kindness, responsiveness and ability to help in the right situation.Many women are looking for in a man is support and support in a difficult situation and only secondarily a great partner to have sex.A man should be a friend to his woman.In addition, selfish and boring men, however, as misogynistic or aggressors, too, do not like the lovely ladies.

romantic and a little adventure is also very much quoted among male qualities.Certainly, every woman in the childhood read adventure novels, fell in love with the hero and worried about him.Therefore, if a man is a little closer to its lofty ideals, it is very, very strengthen relations.

So hope now you know what a man needs a woman.Remember that everyone has their weaknesses.No need to look perfect and hide their weaknesses.Be yourself, and be sure there is a woman who will appreciate you.